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Cooling with waste heat


“The future of energy generation consists of two main components: first, renewable energy and second, energy efficiency. Renewable energy concepts mostly underlie high investment expenditures. This is why it is as important to increase the efficiency of existing technologies,” says CEO Günther Hein.

AGO is a plant engineering company with various competencies, including combined heat and power plants (CHP), biomass plants, steam and hot water boiler systems, and industrial cooling plants.

“For more than 30 years, we have focused on developing, planning and building highly efficient energy plants combining power, heat and cooling. The experience gained through these CHP systems, especially in industries with cooling needs, gave us the initial inspiration to develop our own absorption chiller for low temperatures called Congelo,” explains Mr. Hein.

The implementation of the Cogeneration Act in combination with the Renewable Energy Act in Germany has economically supported decentralized energy generation especially for large energy-consuming industries. Economic conditions for industrial and agricultural cooling energy generation have changed considerably over the past few years.

As electricity tariffs are rising constantly, but heat is available from decentralized power generation, absorption chillers, which use heat instead of electricity, in many cases may be more economically favourable than conventional reciprocating compression chillers.

“We have already installed a large number of Congelo Chiller Systems in the German food industry. These systems are designed specifically for dairies, meat processing plants and the frozen food industry, always using waste heat from power generation motors (gensets). The cooling capacities vary from 100 kW up to 2 MW,” points out Mr. Hein. “It is an efficient cooling system for the food industry with large economic benefits for our customers, and at the same time, it reduces their CO2 emissions. We now boast a clear technological advantage over other competitors, which we will use for our international expansion.”

In the coming years, AGO is going to introduce Congelo to the international market. “We will be targeting countries with rising electricity prices and a high focus on CO2 reduction,” adds Mr. Hein.

As one of the most innovative plant engineering companies in Germany, AGO is already in the process of developing a new innovative product in the field of efficient energy generation, which will be introduced to the market in 2018.

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