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German excellence in aluminium bronze and metal


“At present, Germany still accounts for around one third of our business volume,” he explains. “In addition to this, we sell to clients in Europe, mainly in Italy, the Czech Republic and France. Abroad, we have customers in the USA and China. Our vision is to enhance our international market position. There is still growth potential in our existing markets. Also, we will keep our eye on the emerging markets. However, leaving growth to one side, our overall goal is to become the market leader in terms of quality.”

ALBROMET offers a wide range of sophisticated materials from the best manufacturers. Currently, the German HSC bronzes are the flagship of the product portfolio.

“We also offer nickel-free aluminium bronzes,” says the Managing Director. “These products are called green alloys. They are particularly suitable for the medical and food market. Here, our product ALBROMET 200 is at the forefront of the market. We will definitely enhance our footprint in the food and packaging markets in the coming years. We are able to offer top consultancy and improve the quality of our customers’ machines, for example, the friction bearings.”

Besides having customers in the food and packaging market, the company is a household name in the automotive sector and the packaging industry. ALBROMET provides a wide spectrum of technologies, such as bending, forming and profiling, plastics engineering, engine construction and CNC processing.

The company was founded by Peter Lang, Rudolf Fürmetz and Friedrich Hübner in 1994 with the aim of establishing a distribution platform for Germany. In order to enhance the service spectrum, the company built a sawmill at the end of the 1990s. The enterprise also embarked on a joint venture in the Czech Republic for the processing of finished parts. Today, the prefabrication and storage of semifinished products takes place in Germany, as do quality control and logistics. The Czech facilities act as a work bench.

“We have ambtious expansion goals,” says Mr. Lang. “Also, the digitalization of our processes and administration as well as the implementation of a special personnel management concept (www.traumfirma.de) will be key issues on our future agenda.”

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