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Products for healthy sleep


European Business: Mr. Olle, allnatura is the leading online platform when it comes to products for healthy sleep. What is the secret of your success?

Felix Olle: As a family-owned company, we distinguish ourselves through our honesty and personality. We have a fantastic staff of employees who have the experience and skills to provide competent advice and are dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of our customers. They are experts in their respective fields and are able to describe our products in a vivid way with technical expertise. In addition, we work together with excellent suppliers that ensure the quality of our products and fulfill our high standards in terms of ecologically friendly production. We have more than 30 years of experience in the area of healthy sleep and have the knowledge required to offer the best range of mattresses, furniture, textiles and accessories.

European Business: What exactly is your core competence?

Felix Olle: Our core competence is healthy sleep. We develop our own products in this area and work together with exclusive suppliers that manufacture the furniture and mattresses according to our high standards in Germany. They start producing after the customer’s order has been received by us. We only work with ecological raw materials and fabrics tested for harmful substances. Our natural latex mattress Supra-Comfort, for instance, was the test winner at Stiftung Warentest in September 2014 and also was awarded “good” by Ökotest. However, our mattresses made in Germany not only fulfill the high ecological standards but also win over customers with their orthopaedic and additional features. They are ideal for allergy sufferers and help people with back problems, offering restful sleep.

European Business: And what are the other segments you are active in?

Felix Olle: Our second division is the natural living sector. We distribute solid wood furniture for living rooms as well as modular and flexible kitchen furniture. The kitchen modules are extendable so that the kitchen can be adjusted to the changing circumstances in life. This is more sustainable, which is an important factor in our collections. The furniture is 100% natural and very durable. We recently expanded our portfolio to include home textiles such as terry fabrics and even fashion for men and women. In addition, we offer a broad collection of furniture and products for children and young people whose parents place value on quality and ecology.

European Business: You mentioned the importance of sustainability. What exactly does sustainability mean to allnatura?

Felix Olle: I think the term “sustainable” is used in a completely inflationary way. It should comprise ecological, economic and social aspects, which many companies do not fulfill. We not only use natural and ecological raw materials, but also donate our returns to charitable organizations. The economic aspect is also extremely important to us. Only if our suppliers are doing well can we be successful in the long term. Only when all those conditions – and others – are met do we talk about sustainability.

European Business: What can be expected from your company in the future?

Felix Olle: There are still a lot of things to come. We have expanded our product portfolio, and the natural living sector will become more and more important. We have also recently started our export business in Austria and Switzerland and have been very successful abroad. The green eco trend is becoming more and more important in Europe, and we see a lot of market potential. Digital transformation and the increasing demand for customized solutions will also be important topics for us in the future. We have always adapted our business to market developments and will keep on listening to the needs of our customers to be able to fulfill the requirements.

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