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For animals’ welfare


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“I think that pets deserve food which is as good as the products we eat,” says Managing Director and Founder Pier Giovanni Capellino. “It is always, and only, the quality of ingredients that determine the quality of the nutrients the food provides. That is why we use 100% HFC* (human food chain) fresh meat for some of our products, which was originally fit for human consumption. Cats and dogs are part of the family, so they should get the same level of quality in their nutrition.”

Cat and dog food, made of natural and pure ingredients, without additives, and the highest quality possible: that was Mr. Capellino’s vision, which he turned into reality. “At the beginning it was hard,” recalls the Founder, who established the company in 2000. “It was important to me to remain independent and not to rely on financial institutions.”

But the company has remained true to its principles, and successfully established a business with a focus on high-quality natural pet food. Today, Almo Nature is present through subsidiaries, in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Benelux, Canada and the United States, and in another 38 countries through exclusive distributors, generating 48% of its revenues through the export business.

By the end of 2017, the firm will also have a branch in Shanghai. In total, the company has around 100 employees and an annual turnover of more than 71 million EUR. The company not only offers food that makes animals feel good, but also engages in the welfare of animals through different solidarity projects and campaigns under the title Almore.

To prove its dedication and respect for animals, Almo Nature is going to be transferred to a foundation. “Almo Nature will continue to exist, but the shareholder structure will change,” points out Mr. Capellino. “The company will be 100% owned by a foundation, which will invest 100% of the dividends into the welfare of animals. I am devoted to projects, which are more important than my own interests. For this reason, I have decided to take this step, and I think that consumers will approve of this decision. This way, they will hopefully be more willing to buy our products because they can also support a good cause in doing so.”

Almo Nature offers a range of dry and wet food for cats and dogs, as well as cat litter. One of the flagship products is Alternative, which is the only kibble for dogs that does not contain any meat meal or dehydrated meat, just 100% HFC* – fresh meat originally fit for human consumption.

HFC* fresh meat is the highest quality possible because it is free from scraps and is highly digestible. “Our HFC Alternative really is the best product for cats and dogs, improving the quality of their daily diet,” states the Managing Director. “We were one of the first providers of animal food using fresh meat or fish originally fit for human consumption. Many customers write to us to thank us for offering such a good product for their animals because it really helps them feel good.”

In addition to the HFC range, the company also provides high-quality pet food, which is prepared with ingredients suitable only for pet food. The entire range contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Germany is the most important market for Almo Nature, but the company will keep expanding its market shares in other countries as well.

“I am positive about the future and happy with my decision to give my shares to the foundation,” says Mr. Capellino. “The entire staff and I are open to what will come in the future. The welfare of the animals will remain our focus.”

*Almo Nature has named ‘HFC’ its pet food comprising ingredients originally fit for human consumption, according to Regulation (EC) N. 1069/2009 article 10, paragraph a)

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