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Mobility solutions from A to Z


European Business: Who is Alphabet Austria, and what does your business provide?

Stephan Klier: Alphabet is a full-service Business Mobility provider with a portfolio ranging from regular fleet management with insurance and funding products to complex mobility solutions such as eMobility and corporate carsharing, as well as basic services like fuel management, accident management or maintenance and repair. We provide our clients with exactly what they need to make their business travel as convenient and efficient as possible. Alphabet has more than 537,000 cars under management worldwide, and our Austrian client base benefits greatly from our strong international background and our local know-how.

European Business: What have been the company’s most recent high points?

Stephan Klier: Looking back, 2014 was an outstanding year. We exceeded all our commercial targets and expect to continue doing so. To make our customers’ Business Mobility even more flexible and efficient, we launched two innovative Alphabet solutions in Austria: AlphaElectric and AlphaCity, both of which are in high demand. With the introduction of the BMW i3, the interest in electric vehicles for company fleets has grown significantly and is still rising. AlphaElectric, our comprehensive approach to eMobility, is ideal for fleet managers thinking about taking the next step: In an initial detailed customer consultation, we analyze a fleet’s electrification potential and identify where it could swap out conventional cars for hybrids or electric vehicles. The AlphaElectric package comes with everything clients need to easily integrate eMobility into their fleets, from the cars to the charging facilities to additional services. Our corporate carsharing solution AlphaCity offers company employees the opportunity to use BMW or MINI cars from the car fleet for both business and personal travel. It enhances car pool efficiency, reduces mobility costs and administrative efforts, and motivates employees. In 2015, we will add other car makes to the AlphaCity solution. Furthermore, with the BMW i3 as part of the AlphaCity package, we merge electric mobility with carsharing, making Business Mobility even more sustainable.

European Business: What makes Alphabet different from its competitors?

Stephan Klier: There are several aspects that set us apart. Firstly, our extensive experience. 14 years of Alphabet Austria means we know our business. Secondly, we take an in-depth Business Mobility consulting approach with every customer. Each company is different and comes with individual requirements. Using a detailed analysis of the customer’s Business Mobility profile, we can deliver a unique solution for complete flexibility and optimal efficiency. Alphabet also has access to cutting-edge technology, so high-tech solutions, such as AlphaCity and AlphaElectric, can complement our comprehensive Business Mobility portfolio.

European Business: Is sustainability just another slogan for you or a reality?

Stephan Klier: Sustainability is essential for our customers and for us. We keep customer demands for a more environmentally friendly fleet in mind from the offset and promote more sustainable approaches, for example by supporting the introduction of a green policy or offering driver training for more eco-friendly driving, which also benefit the efficiency and cost of the fleet. This is just one of many reasons why Alphabet observes developments in vehicle technology closely and offers new and more efficient models that also deliver excellent performance and driving experience. eMobility plays an important role in the corporate mobility mix: It makes sense to use electric cars, for example, for short trips or local deliveries. Our job is to show the benefits of eMobility and simplify its integration for our customers. We do that by offering a convenient eMobility package that erases old concerns such as car range and flexibility.

European Business: Looking ahead, what’s in store for Alphabet Austria?

Stephan Klier: Modern Business Mobility is more than just leasing cars for employees. It means meeting the mobility needs of the whole company. The successful launch of AlphaElectric and AlphaCity and the strong demand for our mobile services such as the AlphaGuide app show that innovative approaches are rapidly gaining importance. Our aim is to continue to consult with our customers and provide them with individual, flexible approaches that are beneficial to corporate sustainability, efficient resource use and the long-term reduction of total mobility costs. Intelligent, sustainable and cost-efficient mobility offers are becoming as critical to our success as our regular leasing products.

European Business: Mr. Klier, thank you for your time.

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