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“We do today what others think about tomorrow”


“We never rest on our laurels, and we are never satisfied with what we have achieved so far,” Falk Pewestorf, Managing Director of Alpina Sports GmbH, explains the company’s philosophy. “We listen carefully to our customers. They are our ear on the market. This way, we ensure that we know about new trends and demands early. Also, we believe in changes and innovation. They are important drivers to secure a profitable future.”

The Alpina product portfolio encompasses state-of-the-art snow wear, such as helmets, goggles, eyewear and protectors, bike wear – helmets and goggles – and fashionable eyewear. A current highlight of the portfolio is its Granby snow goggles, which boast a stylish rimless design and a spherical QuattroVarioflex multi-mirror lens.

“The lens automatically adjusts to the current lighting conditions,” explains Mr. Pewestorf. “Thanks to a huge, non-fogging field of vision, the users benefit from greater safety. A skid grip and a hinge band ensure a non-slip fit.”

Pheos snow googles are also equipped with the QuattroVarioflex multi-mirror lens. The comfort frame and hinge band guarantee perfect fit for every shape of head and helmet. In the bike sector, Alpina’s Twist Four model is particularly popular.

Thanks to its fogstop coating and its Varioflex lens, it ensures fogfree vision and automatic adjustment to the level of brightness. The adjustable nose pads and arms ensure a perfect fit even on off-road rides.

The Eye-5 eyewear family is well-known for its outstanding design and high standard in terms of technology. In recent years, helmets have become an important mainstay of the business. Here again, Alpina excels in design and fit.

In the helmet sector, the company’s latest development ERGO³ is the first helmet which enables three-dimensional fitting to the wearer’s head. “ERGO³ revolutionizes the conventional two-dimensional fitting concepts,” says Mr. Pewestorf. “The wearers benefit from more comfort and improved safety.” Attelas, a helmet which adapts to your individual head shape, is also a highlight of the range.

In the last few years, Alpina has been recognizing a growing demand for visor helmets which are perfect for glasses-wearers. As a result, the company offers visor alternatives for several helmet models. Last but not least, the company’s eyewear collection, which is fashionable and sporty, completes the range.

“Our brand is a quality and safety promise,” Mr. Pewestorf explains the company’s success. “We have our own factories, and our products are made in Germany. Also, our products excel in terms of technologies and design. We are continuously working on new materials, unique designs and new technologies to improve the attractiveness and performance of our products. For example, one of our future visions is about smart glasses.”

Currently, urban mobility, ergonomics and people’s individual leisure behaviour are key issues at Alpina. “Our ERGO³ helmet and our Comfort Frame ski goggles are state-of-the-art and prove our technological leadership,” says Mr. Pewestorf. “In terms of ergonomics, they offer the best fit and comfort possible.”

Recognizing people’s changing mobility habits, Alpina is working on innovative brightness and visibility solutions for the bike sector as well as on appropriate designs and materials. Last but not least, the company aims to pay tribute to the growing trend towards individual leisure activities.

“A bike helmet is not just a bike helmet anymore,” explains Mr. Pewestorf. “There is a huge range of different skiing and biking trends which have different requirements. We try to develop solutions which meet the needs of the respective target groups. Since our foundation, we have been driven by the determination to innovate. This is our DNA.”

In fact, the history of Alpina reads like a timeline of innovations. Only two years after its foundation in 1980, Alpina presented its first revolutionary ski goggles with a panorama vision field.

In 1983, the development of the sportglasses Surf ‘N Snow was a milestone in the company’s history. In 1992, Alpina introduced unbreakable polycarbonate glass, its so-called ceramic lens technology. Only one year later, the dynamic team heralded a new era with the launch of its Quattroflex lens technology.

Today, the polarizing lens is still one of the best available. The introduction of the Run-System, the first size-adjustable system for bike helmets in 1996, the launch of the first protector in 2007 and the development of ERGO³ in 2016 are only a few other examples proving the company’s innovative strength.

Staying true to its philosophy of never being satisfied with what it has achieved, Alpina commenced a comprehensive rebranding a few years ago. “Today, it is not enough anymore to have a good product,” explains Mr. Pewestorf. “In recent years, the market for helmets and glasses has become a mass market. Here, you need USPs to stand out from your competitors. We invested a lot in the rebranding of Alpina and analysed all aspects of our brand, from our CI through to our product design. The re-positioning is still going on. We lay great emphasis on including our staff. The external image of a brand depends heavily on the internal authenticity of the company. It seems we are on the right track. Only recently, we received the ispo rebranding award. In our market you have to be a ‘love brand’. The modern consumer does not buy a product – they buy a brand.”

Mr. Pewestorf is positive that the new strategy will give Alpina new impulses and release capacities for further growth. “We are a market leader in the DACH region,” says Mr. Pewestorf. “Of course, we would like to consolidate our leading position here or even enhance our market share. At present, we sell to clients in over 40 countries across the globe and draw on a network of top distributors and partners. We are sure that there is much more potential for us, especially in the market for bike helmets. For example, Eastern Europe shows promise. The region boasts great skiing areas and is an excellent mountain biking terrain, especially the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Poland. Overseas, Canada and Japan are key export markets.”

The dynamic company will not rest on its laurels in the coming years. “We aim to become a trendsetter in the sports market in the coming years and attract athletes all over the world with innovative solutions, unique designs and an authentic lifestyle,” Mr. Pewestorf explains the company’s future strategy. “Our slogan is ‘We do today what others think about tomorrow.’ On the basis of this philosophy, we aim to establish Alpina as an international trendsetting brand. Despite all our growth plans, we will stay committed to the specialist retail sector. We see ourselves as the retailer’s partner. Our share in this partnership is to create market-oriented products at market-oriented prices and with high quality, to excel in delivery reliability and to support our trading partners in selling the products. The actual sale we leave to them.”

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