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Ready for takeoff


Against the background of these growth plans, the company already acquired two companies: Airways from Agen is the number three in France in basic pilot’s training. Air Campus from Lyon has a full flight license and focuses on training for Boeing 737 NG and Airbus 320.

“Thanks to these acquisitions, we are a group of companies now specializing in the development of flight simulators and in pilot training,” says General Director and cofounder Jean-Paul Monnin. “My partner, General Director and cofounder Jerôme Binachon, is going to be PDG of Airways and Air Campus while I am going to continue the management of ALSIM.”

ALSIM is already a premier name in the flight industry with its state-of-the-art ALX turnkey solution. The comprehensive package features a full training program with maintenance, instructor and certification training, full support including a spare parts kit, sea transport and installation, as well as a one-year warranty. Also, ALSIM’s customers benefit from the excellent network of the company.

“Our DNA is innovation, and continuous research and development is our heartbeat,” Mr. Monnin explains the success of the company and its USP. “We continuously improve and further develop our products. For example, we have special software for a 200° projection of the panorama. We can simulate different weather scenarios such as clouds, rain or snow as well as day and night and airport environments. We have consciously chosen to control the whole production process in-house. This enables us to offer reactive solutions and adapted developments. Thanks to our excellent product quality and our personal customer care, we have many regular clients. Many of them have an Alsim fleet of over three flight simulators in their training facility.”

In order to market its products and to stage its latest development, ALSIM regularly participates in international trade fairs. The company was founded by Jerôme Binachon, a former Air France pilot, and the computer engineer Mr. Monnin in 1994. “Our idea was to improve pilots’ training by using flight simulators with innovative and computer-based technology,” says Mr. Monnin. “We were the first to introduce TFT screens for flight synthetic training devices. Only one device can simulate several different airplane types.”

The business got an enormous boost when the European authorities allowed pilots to complete flight training hours on a simulator at the end of the 1990s. “That was the kick-off of a development which now results in about 200 devices for 130 clients in around 40 countries,” says Mr. Monnin. It seems ALSIM is ready for takeoff.

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