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Of snacks and strudels


“My father wanted to produce traditional foods made of natural ingredients, something that would transport the charm of where he came from, something traditionally Bavarian: alt-bayerisch,” says owner and CEO Bettina Willmerdinger-Milinkovic, recalling the company history.

Altbayerische Küche (‘Old-Bavarian Cuisine’) looks back at a success story as a family business, which Mrs. Willmerdinger-Milinkovic’s father started back in 1984. Today she shares management with Desimir Milinkovic as Head of Sales and Logistics.

From strudels to dumplings, the frozen specialities on offer cover over 400 different kinds of ‘Schmankerl’, which is Bavarian for ‘treats’. Providing wholesalers and the food service industry alike, Altbayerische Küche is now a large-scale producer and supplies premium frozen foods.

“Other industrial producers do not really compete with us,” says Mrs. Willmerdinger-Milinkovic’s son, Assistant Manager Felix-Josef Hasenberger. “I’d rather say we co-exist. We cater to an entirely different and very sophisticated target group while offering an unrivalled variety of foods.”

Despite its strong focus on tradition, Altbayerische Küche puts well-balanced emphasis on modernization and development. “We keep pushing forward, whether that is by meeting people’s individual wishes or dietary requirements, enforcing greener energy use, or modernizing our administrative processes.” With a smile, Mr. Hasenberger adds: “To quote my mother in this context: ‘Time’s got no time to wait for us’.”

However, he knows how to enjoy modernization in moderation. “Technology and automatization make life easier. It is as simple as that. Still, the manufacturing process strongly depends on human qualities like passion and craftsmanship that enhance the final product. These are aspects technology cannot provide. In a sense, you have to keep a human touch all the time.”

Close and reliable customer relations are a top priority for Altbayerische Küche, and there is no compromising them. “Nothing is more important than excellent customer service. We are happy to be able to take pride in our outstanding staff, with our Chief Secretary Brigitte Gögl leading the way.”

And with such a reliable team at its service, the family business resumes writing the traditional Bavarian narrative, its continual progress keeping up suspense.

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