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Not specialized but comprehensive


“We supply comprehensive turnkey solutions,” stresses Marcin Krzeminski, CEO. “Our approach is not to be specialized in particular products. We do not sell products; instead we meet with the authorities of hospitals to discuss their problems and help modernize their existing IT solutions. Since we cooperate with banks and financial institutions, we even support customers in terms of financing. We have worked for more than 200 hospitals, and we have deep knowledge of the market.” Alteris’s roots go back to 2004. In 2005, the company launched its first radiology information system. Over the years, Alteris has developed innovative systems regularly such as PACS and started the distribution of diagnostic imaging technology. “PACS, an abbreviation for picture archiving and communication system, is a healthcare technology for the short and long-term storage, management, distribution and presentation of medical images,” explains Mr. Krzeminski. “It allows hospitals and other medical institutions to store, view and share all types of images internally and externally.”

Another important product appreciated by customers is Alteris Radiology Information System. The system’s role is to process and manage data like patients’ demographics, patients’ imagery records, referrals, internal and external reports, patients’ registration and scheduling, and associated data in diagnostic imaging departments. What is more, RIS Alteris is responsible for efficient workflow management in radiology departments, data analysis for the National Health System and other third parties. Furthermore, Alteris is focused on construction services for radiology centers. Today, Alteris has a workforce of 90 employees and generates a turnover of about ten million EUR. The company is owned by Voxel, a successful operator of country-wide diagnostic imaging networks and radiopharmacy producer, and has one office each in Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Currently, Alteris concentrates on three business fields. The company develops IT products and solutions not only for radiology centers but also for hospitals. “Last year, we implemented various information systems covering all the operations of a hospital,” underlines Mr. Krzeminski. “Currently, our focus is clearly on those hospital information systems. They manage all different departments, improve patient flow and are really advanced solutions. This year, we will implement our solutions for at least five customers.” The distribution of medical equipment and products builds a second cornerstone of the portfolio. Alteris is an authorized distributor of GE Healthcare in Poland, selling MRI, CT, X-ray, cardiovascular and mammography systems. Implants from the Swiss company Spineart and Glintt’s hospital information system from Portugal complete the product range. A third business area focuses on advanced solutions that help to optimize hospital management systems or construction projects.

Alteris installs the latest equipment such as innovative systems for pharmaceutical distribution. “We use a special robotics system called Unit Dose,” says Mr. Krzeminski. “It can help to reduce costs by 10 to 25% in the area of pharmaceuticals and is one of our latest developments. We are just about to complete our first installation.” More than 200 customers, hospitals and radiology centers already rely on Alteris’s information products and solutions. And demand is rising continuously. Due to its broad experience, the company is a highly respected market player in Poland that knows exactly the basic needs of its customers.

“We are a well-known IT specialist for hospital infrastructure with excellent knowledge of the market,” points out Mr. Krzeminski. “Our aim is to be one of the leaders in Poland. Our solutions guarantee huge improvements in the field of hospital management and significantly reduce costs. Currently, we are working on introducing a number of new solutions in Poland, and in 2015 we intend to export our solutions. Together with a partner, we will offer construction work for diagnostic imaging centers in Europe.”

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