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Cleaning up the climate


Pasquale Vessa founded Ambiente Energia in 1992 after completing his degree and a surveyor training program. Drawing on his background, the company’s original mission was to develop buildings both for the public and private sectors. In the 1990s, the developer expanded its repertoire to include other structures such as bridges, roads and sewer systems around Rome and in the Alps between Italy and France.

“Over the last five years, though, we have taken a big risk and made a complete turnaround with the company, steering the business into the field of developing renewable energy sources, specifically photovoltaic (PV), wind farms, biomass and geothermal energy, for power companies,” says Mr. Vessa, Ambiente Energia managing director and co-owner.

While Ambiente Energia currently contracts with large Italian companies such as Greeny SpA of Bergamo and Unendo Energie SpA of Milan, developing 100,000 3 kW photovoltaic (solar) power systems, it is extending its reach into international markets with upcoming projects in Croatia, Serbia and an offshore wind farm in Monte Negro.

“We are particularly proud of a project we are working on with Unendo Energie, developing PV systems using tungsten instead of the traditional silicone. This material produces twice as much energy and stores it three times as long as a conventional system,” explains Mr. Vessa.

Since its restructuring, Ambiente Energia now employs approximately 50 people, reduced from its high of 200. As a construction company, it generated a turnover of 25 million EUR, but as a renewable energy developer it most recently reported an annual turnover of five million EUR.

“Our turnover is still small, but we are excited about our future prospects because we have been experiencing rapid exponential growth,” states Mr. Vessa. To further cement itself as a serious player within its field, Ambiente Energia shares its skills and stays on top of developing trends by participating in industry trade shows such as the Solar Expo in Verona and Ecomondo in Rimini, Italy. Like the energy industry, Ambiente Energia has reinvented itself for a secure, relevant and cleaner future.

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