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Fashionable – and functional, too


Ambre Italia is a member of Montres Ambre, a luxury watch and jewellery maker based in Morteau, France. The group was founded by the Bole family in 1965 and today is present throughout Europe, Asia and the Arab world. Besides Italy, it has subsidiary companies in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Dubai and Mauritius.

Montres Ambre offers a comprehensive range of high-end watches and jewellery items which are available through more than 5,000 stores worldwide. The flagship brand in the watch portfolio is Montres Ambre Yonger & Bresson.

Other wellknown watch and jewellery brands in the range are Alviero Martini 1a Classe, Zadig & Voltaire, Rochas Paris, Charles Jourdan, Swiss Space, Kookai Paris, Vicomte Arhur, Chain and Yema, all of which are fabricated in France and distributed worldwide.

In addition, the jewellery collection N:JOI is sold exclusively in France, Belgium and Italy. Ambre Italia was established by Dr. Lucio Fedele, the company’s president and CEO, in 2000. “We launched our first watch and jewellery collection in Italy in 2002: Alviero Martini 1a Classe,” states Dr. Fedele, who had many years of senior management experience working for Fossil Italia before setting up his own business.

“The collection became an immediate success and made us one of the leading players in the Italian luxury watch market.”

Today, Ambre Italia distributes five highly prestigious, internationally recognized brands in Italy: Alviero Martini 1a Classe, Kookai Paris, N:JOI, Rochas Paris and Yonger & Bresson. All the brands have a distinct style and unique identity, and are easily recognized by the discerning consumer who wants to identify with the brand and the product.

A Zadig & Voltaire watch, for example, distinguishes itself by either a skull or a butterfly on the face. Ambre Italia has 30 employees and annual sales of 16 million EUR. Since its foundation over a decade ago, the company has grown at a constant pace.

Dr. Fedele explains the sustained success with a combination of three factors: “We offer superior value for money, focus on products with an unmistakeable, distinctive style and have very good relations with our customers, more than 1,500 watch and jewellery stores across the country.” Another crucial issue is the company’s ability to supply four annual collections instead of just two, like most other watchmakers.

“We consider our watches as fashion accessories which are well-designed, stylish, inimitable and, on top of that, show the time,” Dr. Fedele describes the unique philosophy of Ambre Italia and its parent company Montres Ambre. Every year, 80% of the collection is replaced with new products. The remaining 20% are iconic products which have been manufactured and distributed for decades.

Examples include a square Alviero Martini 1a Classe watch with Swarovski gemstones or a watch with an oval case. In addition to its strong focus on constant product innovation, Ambre Italia also stands out through its technological competence.

Given the fact that a Swiss watchmaker has the exclusive right to produce automatic movements, Montres Ambre started to develop its own automatic watch system two years ago, which it presented for the first time in 2012.

“We plan to further develop the system in the coming three to five years in order to reduce our dependency on the Swiss supplier,” explains D. Fedele.

At the same time, Ambre Italia is developing new, complementary products to round off its range of watches and jewellery, such as exclusive fragrances which the company wants to introduce in 2014.

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