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More than profiles


AME Euromotive is specialized in lightweight aluminium components for applications in the automotive and aerospace industries. Operating in a high-growth future market, the company has been a member of Vienna-based Montana Tech Components Group since 2014.

Montana Tech Components is an industrial group focused on developing hidden champions into market-leading global players. The Group has four business divisions: Energy Storage, Aerospace Components, Metal Tech and Industrial Components.

Together with its parent company Alu Menziken, which acquired the Austrian company last year, AME Euromotive belongs to the Group’s Aerospace Components division. “We are a 100% subsidiary of Alu Menziken in Reinach, Switzerland,” says CEO Wilhelm Schnedl.

Alu Menziken is a leading supplier of high-precision, specialapplication extruded profiles made from customer-specific aluminium alloys which are processed further in Ranshofen to produce semi-finished and finished systems for the automotive and aerospace markets.

“Until 2014, our company had been a business unit within SAG, Salzburger Aluminium Group, whose core activity is in aluminium energy storage tanks,” explains Mr. Schnedl. “Through the acquisition, Alu Menziken strengthened its extrusion business unit and implemented a forward integration strategy. Together we now cover the entire value chain for high-quality, custom-engineered aluminium products, from the raw material to the finished system. While Alu Menziken in Switzerland specializes in application engineering, casting, extrusion processing, surface treatment, cutting and CNC processing, our company in Austria manages all subsequent steps in the value chain, including design, prototyping, processing, forming and assembly of light construction aluminium components. This way, we can supply customers demanding more than just a profile.”

AME Euromotive has profound expertise in materials engineering, product development, project management and technical support. The company produces high-quality aluminium components and assemblies for the automotive and aerospace industries.

The comprehensive product range for automotive applications includes crash management systems, light construction seating structures, rollover protection systems and battery system components, including high-tech solutions for electric vehicles.

For aerospace applications, AME Euromotive supplies seat components, cabin interior parts and complex milled engine components.

AME Euromotive has a workforce of 125 people and annual sales of 22 million EUR. The company’s most important export market is Germany, followed by Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK, France and the USA.

“We are considering opening our own manufacturing unit in the USA to supply customers directly,” explains Mr. Schnedl. “In our Aerospace Components Division, we already has two plants in the USA for structural aerospace components. Our production facility would concentrate on non-structural components.”

AME Euromotive also keeps a close eye on the dynamically evolving emerging markets, such as Brazil, China and India, to further grow its international position in the light construction aluminium sector.

To meet increasing customer demand, AME Euromotive is investing heavily in manufacturing equipment and engineering capacity this year.

“In manufacturing, we are reorganizing the entire processing chain to integrate the latest digital technologies which are currently being discussed under the term Industry 4.0,” says Mr. Schnedl. In addition, AME Euromotive aims at a more balanced portfolio of target markets.

“At present, 75% of our products are for automotive applications,” states Mr. Schnedl. “Our goal is to achieve an even balance by 2019/20, based on faster growth in the aviation and aerospace sector than in the automobile industry.”

The company’s expansion strategy, in close cooperation with Alu Menziken, could also involve further acquisitions along the value chain to offer its customers an even larger selection of high-quality, ready-to-install aluminium products.

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