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On spaces and services


“As an experienced service provider in the design and management of professional, industrial and office spaces, we focus on optimizing workplaces,” sums up Managing Partner Jean-François Couec. “We support our clients with integrated services for the entire management of their real estate projects.”

This demanding business approach is the result of steady growth over 25 years. The company was founded in Strasbourg and established a second office in Paris early on.

“At the beginning, we focused strictly on the tertiary sector,” explains Mr. Couec. “We optimized office space to create inspiring working environments that enhanced productivity. Projects involved analyses, consultancy and realization. We improved computer systems and created community rooms to foster group communication and to help build relationships between employees.”

Step by step, this portfolio of the company’s early days has been extended. New services such as architectural and engineering services have been integrated.

Due to this positive development, today, Amsycom Group represents a dynamic and powerful group with offices in Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse, Marseille and Brussels.

Furthermore, the company acquired the well-known architectural firm Cardete Huet in 2014. Today, Amsycom Group has 170 employees and generates turnover of 31 million EUR. Its portfolio falls into the categories of architectural design of office buildings, industrial architecture, consultancy in programming and the installation of office spaces, and technical-regulatory expertise. This way the company covers all different needs related to the management of office and industrial spaces and sets benchmarks with a customer-oriented approach.

“We are the only service provider offering complete solutions,” sums up Mr. Couec. “We are close to our customers, listen to their needs and operate completely independently.” The company’s client list includes Airbus Group, Hewlett-Packard, Engie, Heidelberg, CGG, Sanofi and Crédit Agricole.

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