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Tailor-made real estate


Real estate has gained a reputation for providing a consistent medium to high yield, capital stability and the opportunity for growth. Amundi Real Estate Italia is internationally recognized for its competence, integrity and reliability in terms of real estate investments.

Its investment philosophy is based on active real estate portfolio management and optimized structuring to create added value for investors. In Italy, the company that was founded in 2010, has seven employees and generates turnover of more than six million EUR.

As part of Amundi Asset Management which emerged from the merger of the real estate investment management operations of Crédit Agricole and Société Générale, Amundi Real Estate Italy concentrates on the management of the two real estate funds Amundi RE Italia and Amundi RE Europa that are both listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

More than 500 million EUR are under Amundi Real Estate Italy’s management. Based on its huge market expertise, in 2011, the company started operating as a fund of funds.

In 2014, it marked another milestone by creating its new Italian fund Nexus 1. “We strictly focus on non-residential properties such as office buildings, shopping centers and industrial buildings,” sums up Chief Executive Manager Giovanni Federico di Corato. “Therefore, we work with two teams. The asset management team is responsible for real estate investments, and the portfolio team looks after financial issues related to the funds. Nexus1 opens up completely new market opportunities. So far, especially retail banks worked with our funds; now, we can address institutional clients as well. Another advantage is that Nexus1 is not limited to the Italian market. Instead, it gives us the opportunity to extend our portfolio to international clients. The fund is especially interesting in terms of good governance and costs. Last but not least, we benefit a lot from being part of a globally operating group. We are a local team with direct market access; we can bank on valuable experience and we are a player with an excellent reputation. Our know-how and our competence allow us to successfully manage European funds. We benefit from our network and we are in the position to work out perfect multi-manager investment solutions. At the end of the day, this makes us feel optimistic about Amundi Real Estate Italia’s future.”

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