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Keeping out of the cupboard


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“Consumers choose an Ankarsrum ® Assistant that either blends with their kitchen or stands out,” says Managing Director and Business Area Manager for Product Marketing Marcus Grimerö. “We continuously work with new colours, so the machine is compatible with new trends.”

The Ankarsrum ® Assistant has a long and impressive history dating back to 1937; since then, over 1.5 million machines have been sold. Originally owned by Electrolux – this brand name was used until 2008 when Ankarsrum® bought the rights to the Assistant – the machine is essentially the same product it was 75 years ago. With an open bowl making it easy to add ingredients, the motor is in the base, which weighs the machine down and ensures it is stable.

“Of course, colours and the exterior design have changed over time, and we now use a 1,500 W motor instead of the old 200 W version,” notes Mr. Grimerö. “It also has a timer and automatic power control now, but the core of the product is the same.”

The Ankarsrum® Assistant is also very high quality, making it an economical investment. “We provide a seven-year warranty, but the machines last much longer than that,” Mr. Grimerö continues. “We get calls from people who are still using Assistants they bought in the 1950s and 1960s. New accessories bought today fit old machines, and older accessories work with new machines. Customers really appreciate the forwards and backwards compatibility.”

Ankarsrum® Kitchen is part of the Ankarsrum® Industries group; the Assistant’s motor and chassis are made by other companies in the group. Exports account for 60% of sales, with very strong markets in Scandinavia and Germany.

“The export market is our focus right now, and we are working closely with distributors to enter new markets,” Mr. Grimerö explains. “We also want to make it even easier for consumers to buy and use the Assistant. In Scandinavia, we mostly sell through retailers with trained personnel, and we also use social media to inspire users across Europe – they share recipes and ways of working. We try to spread the joy of making your own food from scratch. We get huge amounts of feedback from consumers who love the Assistant and, more importantly, use it several times a week.”

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