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Keeping threats under control


ANPI (Belgium’s National Organisation for Fire and Theft Fighting, formerly National Fire and Intrusion Protection Association) is a key player in the sector of fire and theft prevention. “We promote measures, means and techniques aimed at fire and theft prevention as well as the protection of people and properties,” CEO Alain Verhoyen describes the mission of the nonprofit organisation.

ANPI was founded as an unincorporated association of engineers on the initiative of the Belgian insurance industry in 1957. Ten years later, it was given a legal form. Since then, ANPI has played a significant role in making Belgium and many other countries a safer place. Today, its more than 30 members include all professional and industrial associations in the field of fire and theft prevention as well as many public authorities in Belgium.

ANPI has 65 highly qualified, multilingual employees with expert knowledge in fire and theft prevention and achieves annual sales of 6.5 million EUR. The company serves businesses, institutions and municipalities all over Belgium and in many other countries.

“We have customers all over Europe as well as in Asia, including China, Canada, Mexico, the United States and South Africa and generate 25% of overall revenues from international activities,” says Mr. Verhoyen.

ANPI operates through five divisions, four of which are located at the company’s main site at Louvainla-Neuve: Regulation & Standardisation, Information, Laboratories and Inspections. The fifth business unit, Certification, is situated in Brussels. Regulation & Standardisation prepares legal directives and instructions for fire and intrusion prevention in close cooperation with the authorities, including European organisations in the sector.

Information offers a wide variety of up-to-date offline and online publications for safety professionals and is an active contributor to the Belgian FireForum Magazine. The ANPI laboratories perform fire and theft protection equipment tests, including functional tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, electrical security tests and environmental tests.

The Inspections division offers inspections and audits for on-site fire and intrusion protection installations and systems while Certification provides certification services in accordance with all relevant directives and regulations.

All five ANPI divisions have a joint mission, as Mr. Verhoyen explains: “We take responsibility for mastering risk, for getting threats under control in line with the customers’ individual risk profile.” With this philosophy, ANPI is well prepared to sustain and further expand its unique position in the fire and theft prevention sector – in the Benelux and many other countries.

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