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Communicating with savoir faire


The company specializes in three specific product areas: the design and construction of telecommunications masts, the renovation and extension of existing structures, and the design and construction of radar towers.

The firm has its own skilled engineers who are responsible for everything from the initial design and project planning to the production and on-site installation of the masts and pylons. Its towers are used by three distinct customer sectors.

Cell operators such as Orange, Free, Bouygues and SFR depend on telecommunications masts for their cell networks. The second sector consists of clients with specific requirements for a particular building or event.

“We have customers such as the Palace of Versailles and various universities who require bespoke structures,” reveals Director Stéphane Rémond. “We have even worked for the company which organizes the Tour de France, which requires special mobile equipment such as telescope towers for its communications network.”

The third client is a public sector group, the police, fire department and the military, who, for security reasons, use their own networks, which also require separate pylons and masts. With 60 years of experience in this industry, Antennes Leclerc has developed a strong reputation for quality in relation to both its masts and its workmanship.

The company is fully compliant with the relevant safety regulations and industry standards throughout its design and construction processes. “We are extremely reactive to our customers’ needs and are able to meet all their specific demands. The fact that they return to us when they have new contracts proves that they rate our service very highly,” notes Mr. Rémond.

Founded by Louis Leclerc in 1956, the firm originally developed and installed TV antennas before extending its service to telescopic masts and metal structures. The acquisitions of specialists Huou and SNTH in the early 2000s brought additional expertise, and today the firm is based in modern 15,000 m2 premises near the French capital and employs 90 people.

In March 2016, Mr. Leclerc sold his company to the telecommunications group CAPECOM. “Although we are a subsidiary of CAPECOM, we operate and serve our customers independently,” the Director points out. “We have not yet begun to leverage the synergies between Antennes Leclerc and CAPECOM, but this will develop over time and will ultimately bring huge benefits.”

The cell phone market is relatively stable but, nevertheless, continues to develop. “There are always new applications and new systems such as the Internet of Things,” observes Mr. Rémond. “This in turn generates new demands. New technologies require hardware updates and often bring new safety rules and legislation.”

In today’s troubled times, border security and surveillance is becoming extremely important, and as a result, the need for new pylons and masts is also increasing. “5G technology will shortly be launched in France. In those areas where fiber optic solutions are not available, masts will be required to ensure full 5G coverage,” Mr. Rémond adds. “We are also working on obtaining additional certification which will set us apart from the competition and give us much more scope for further development.”

With its company slogan ‘savoir être, savoir faire’ – knowhow, expertise – the future for Antennes Leclerc looks positive.

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