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Innovating for the digital world


Apside provides its clients with the professional engineering skills required in IT departments. This branch of the company makes up approximately 55% of its turnover.

In addition, the company offers facility management services. This branch specifically concentrates on the infrastructure, network and worldwide web presence of a business’s digital facility. Apside’s employees work partially at the client’s location and develop concrete applications for their IT needs.

“One of our tasks is process optimization,” explains Nicolas Ayral, Director of Industrial Engineering. “Technology is our main focus, and we specialize in recommending optimal and efficient solutions to our customers.”

Apside works with many clients over a long period of time and is a major component of these clients’ business models. The company paves the way for its clients and accompanies them in the implementation and methodology needed to use the technology in their businesses.

“We always want to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations,” continues Mr. Ayral. “We aim not only to find a solution, but also to go one step further.”

The time factor plays an essential part in today’s IT marketplace; therefore, implementing important key elements and achieving high returns on investment is a crucial component of Apside’s business strategy.The company currently services 80% of the businesses in the CAC40 market. Major clients include Airbus, BNP and Thales.

However, David Richard, Director of IT Consulting, knows that is not enough. “Just as the digital world does not stop at national borders, so too must we develop an international presence in order to maintain a competitive edge.”

The company already caters to its clients’ needs through its network of international offices in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, but it also plans to expand this presence to Luxembourg, Spain and Italy in the short term and other markets in the longer term.

“We are active in a variety of national markets and industries including the automotive, aerospace, defence, insurance and bank industries,” explains Mr. Richard. Although Apside is an independent company, it often works with external partners to strengthen its competence and know-how.

Its internal team simultaneously develops projects in its skill center and is always available to customers. Clients can expect regular updates at every stage of their project. This makes the relationship between Apside and the client extremely strong.

The company currently has 2,200 employees throughout Europe but is planning significant expansion. It hopes to add 600 more expert employees to its team in the coming years.

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