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From distributor to market leader


aquatechnik manufactures and markets piping systems and fittings for drinking water, heating, air conditioning and compressed air applications in commerce, industry and private homes. The company is based in Magnago in the greater Milan area and has a branch in nearby Busto Arsizio in the province of Varese.

aquatechnik operates branch offices in Germany and Spain, two of the company’s main export markets. In addition, it has a storage facility in Germany to serve Northern Europe.

The company’s origins go back to the year 1982 when Lino Petenà wanted to introduce a new system of polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R) pipes and fittings to the Italian market in cooperation with a German partner. In 1985, this led to the foundation of aquatechnik.

“Only a couple of years later, we had become the leading distributor of PP-R pipes and fittings in Italy,” says President Marco Petenà, the founder’s son. “In 1994, we started producing our own pipes and fittings. Since then, we have been independent.”

In 1998, aquatechnik began developing the European export market. “We are constantly expanding our international market presence and today have customers in almost every country in Europe as well as in China, the USA and the Middle East,” explains Mr. Petenà. “Over the years, we have developed from a mere distributor of products from Germany into a major Italian manufacturer with our own applied research, product development and international sales network.”

aquatechnik has 100 employees and expects to generate overall turnover of 30 million EUR this year (2015: 25 million EUR). The company will ship approximately 40% of its pipes and fittings abroad in 2016 (2015: 25%). “We are on a clear course for growth,” states Mr. Petenà. “Our mediumterm goal is to achieve an export rate of 50%.”

The aquatechnik pipes and fittings portfolio meets all applications, from private installations to large-scale district heating systems. “Our best-selling system is safety-pol, which is made from 100% plastic and does not require any metal parts,” says Mr. Petenà. “Compared to conventional systems, it allows higher flow rates and is very easy and safe to install.”

Another unique solution is iso-technik, a product innovation featuring pre-insulated pipes which was introduced only recently. Besides developing new, innovative piping systems, the Italian company is investing huge sums in advanced manufacturing equipment to be able to produce pipes with larger diameters, which are increasingly in demand in the company’s target markets.

“Our main customers in Europe are sanitary and heating equipment wholesalers as well as large fitters,” explains Mr. Petenà. “Outside Europe, we work together with exclusive sales partners.”

aquatechnik wants to grow its international sales further by delivering innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices and further developing its solution orientation. “We supply complete, ready-to-assemble thermo-hydraulic solutions rather than individual products,” Mr. Petenà describes the company philosophy. “Turnkey solutions are not the same as products. Solutions require excellent market knowledge and in-depth understanding of the customers’ specific requirements. Rather than being a supplier, we consider ourselves as a partner to our customers, providing customized advice and made-to-measure solutions.”

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