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Perfecting the art of waste management


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Founded in 2000, Ar-Val undertakes end-to-end projects to create waste separation plants from concept, design and project development to building and installation. “Potential customers call us as recognized experts in the subject,” explains Commercial Director for the Public Sector Blaise Metangmo. “I have to say that every firm, project and concept is unique. It depends on so many different factors: the kind of waste to be processed and separated – whether it is plastic or glass, for example,– the quantity, and even the location where the plant is to be installed. The last point is especially important because in France the rules and regulations relating to waste separation vary from town to town. When we have this data from the customer, we define the plan. Our first task is to advise the client on what he needs. Sometimes, the best solution is a separation unit within an existing, functional plant. It is a specialist area, and our work requires significant expertise.”

One thing that is definitely required when installing a waste separation plant is patience. “Of course, we always try to complete a project as quickly as possible, but the time needed varies dramatically,” admits Mr. Metangmo. “The sector is highly regulated, and for a new plant, it can take up to four years to deal with all the bureaucracy. For an existing site, it is usually much quicker, and we can complete the work within two years.”

Ar-Val undertakes projects for both the private and public sector. Examples include the waste separation centers for SMTD in Sévignacq near Toulouse, and a plant for SYCTOM in Romainville near Paris, of which Ar-Val is particularly proud: Treating up to 45,000 tonnes of waste a year, it is one of the largest waste sorting facilities in France, extending sorting instructions to all plastic packaging.

What really sets Ar-Val apart from the competition is the company’s experience. It has invested heavily in research on the subject of waste management and has undertaken many projects, both within and outside of France. “Our team is passionate about the topic, and every member of staff works for the company as if it were his or her own,” emphasizes the Commercial Director. “Each of our projects meets the exact requirements of the customer, and if there are any problems, we attend to them immediately.”

Blaise Metangmo, Commercial Director for the public sector at Al-Val
Our team is passionate about the topic of waste management, and every member of staff works for the company as if it were his or her own. Blaise MetangmoCommercial Director

Ar-Val concludes every project with a maintenance contract so that repairs and regular maintenance are taken care of quickly and easily. “We respond to problems within 24 hours all over France,” confirms Mr. Metangmo. “This is a new service which we are still developing.”

Also in a state of development is the waste management industry itself. Automation is becoming standard, and new, high-tech solutions are in demand. “There will soon be an automatic solution for the separation of heavy materials such as the waste produced during a building demolition,” illustrates Mr. Metangmo. “Software will play an increasingly important role. We already have some software solutions, such as GMAO, a maintenance management system for intelligent material management. Ar-Val-Supervision is a software for the operation of waste treatment plants, which manages and configures the lines to which the waste is sorted. Ar-Val-Remote software then allows you to optimize and control maintenance. Ar-Val-Mobile enables companies to monitor production via a smartphone or tablet. These products demonstrate that we are well advanced in the area of automation.”

Indeed, Ar-Val’s state-of-the-art technology, its speed of reaction to resolve issues, its comprehensive maintenance programme and, of course, the company’s extensive experience in waste management solutions have helped establish Ar-Val as a frontrunner in the industry.

France remains its main market, although the company has also undertaken projects in Belgium, Poland and Saudi Arabia. Since 2014, Ar-Val has been a member of the Ceres Group, which has enabled Ar-Val to set up its after-sales department and to leverage the experience and resources of the whole group.

As the clear market leader in France, the international market is the company’s next target. “The environment drives my social conscience,” sums up Mr. Metangmo. “Finding solutions to help others, building the perfect plant, that is my passion. It’s a fascinating combination of social engagement, the environment and the economy.”

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