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Outdoor concept made of wood


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Architecture du Bois – Terrasses Grad is a leading French and European supplier of outdoor equipment and is particularly recognized for its top-quality wooden terrace products. Besides wooden terraces, the company offers stoneware terraces, lighting products, railings, stairs, fences, wall cladding and extensions, as well as a wide choice of outdoor installations such as pergolas, carports and furniture.

Based in Niedermodern in Alsace in north-eastern France, Architecture du Bois – Terrasses Grad was founded in 1988. “We are a pioneer in terrace construction and have been the market leader in Europe since 2005,” says Export and Sales Director Christelle Gaspar.

In 2005, Architecture du Bois – Terrasses Grad introduced an innovative, patented invisible fastening system for wooden terraces: the JuAn® clip. “It is the only invisible system which has been certified by the FCBA, an independent French testing institute,” states Ms. Gaspar. “Since we launched the JuAn® clip, we have installed over one million square meters of the system.”

Architecture du Bois – Terrasses Grad uses wood exclusively from sustainable, non-tropical sources. Since 2012, the terrace expert has been selling its products under the Grad brand name. In 2016, Architecture du Bois – Terrasses Grad was acquired by the Burger Company in Alsace. As a result, the company changed its distribution concept, selling its products not through its own franchise chain anymore, but through about 100 distribution partners across France.

The wooden terrace specialist wants to grow its export business further, as Ms. Gaspar explains: “Our current export rate is 30%. Our most important international markets are Germany and Italy, followed by Benelux, the UK and more distant destinations such as Bulgaria, Cyprus and Canada. We have just signed a distribution contract with a large partner in Germany to expand our market position there.”

Architecture du Bois – Terrasses Grad also aims to develop new distribution channels, such as DIY stores, enhance automation in manufacturing, and continue innovating and rounding off its comprehensive product assortment. “We don’t offer just wood but a complete outdoor concept,” explains Ms. Gaspar. “Our goal is to develop the concept further and become a provider of all-inclusive, integrated outdoor equipment solutions and thus to expand our leading position in Europe.”

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