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Almost 50 years of maritime transport services


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Since 1972, Arriva Shipping has been active in sea freight. With almost 50 years of experience and a large portion of passion, the company has become a preferred partner for customers from different industries all over Europe.

Today, Arriva Shipping has six cargo vessels of its own, which are operated by the company’s own crews. A seventh dry cargo ship is currently under construction. “That is a huge milestone for us,” states CEO Sindre Matre. “This is the first vessel in the history of our company which is going to be built according to our requirements.” The dry cargo ship of 8,500 deadweight tons will have a total length of 120 m and will be built by a Chinese shipyard based upon the MDC 1309 “ECOLUTION” design. The vessel is scheduled to be delivered in about 1.5 years. The company was involved in the design of the ship, working closely together with Marine Design & Consulting AS in Bergen, Norway. “We had a strong focus on sustainable solutions and ecological aspects,” explains Mr. Matre. “We wanted the vessel to be as ecologically friendly as possible to enable it to achieve a greener footprint with the new investment.” Large battery packs, for instance, which allow the vessels to operate for five hours with electric energy, enable it to enter harbour areas emission free. This way, the new cargo ship will meet the current and future requirements of the market.

Sindre Matre, CEO of Arriva Shipping AS
We love, what we do, and work with passion in this business. Sindre MatreCEO

As a maritime transport service provider, Arriva Shipping operates cargo ships for the transportation of various goods, mainly in Northern Europe. The company works on the basis of fixed contracts with its customers, which typically run for a year or longer. In addition to its own ships and crews, Arriva Shipping works with eight external ship owners, and crews owned by the shipping companies. The company’s chartering department operates both hired tonnage along with own ships and handles chartering for various types of ship, mainly for short-sea trade. Its own equipment on board allows loading and unloading of the cargo. This way, Arriva Shipping can offer a very flexible service, responding to the individual needs of its customers.

The range of cargo is broad, but one third is accounted for by metal products such as coal, coke and iron ore. Another important business segment is wood products, especially timber and logs, which are transported from Norway to the rest of the world. In addition, building materials, for instance, asphalt and other raw materials, are typical cargos.

Over the course of the years, Arriva Shipping’s catchment area has increased step by step and now covers Northern Europe, including Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the Baltic countries. In addition to its head office in Ølensvåg, Norway, the company has branch offices in Stavanger, Norway, and Gdańsk, Poland. In total, the group has a staff of 130 people, of which 115 work offshore, and revenues of 350 million NOK. With Sindre Matre as the third generation, the company is still owned by the Matre family. “We love what we do, and work with passion in this business,” says the General Manager. “I had a maritime training and have got to know life aboard. All our employees are dedicated to their job, which is really special as there is no job that compares with the life of a seaman. Having this background helps me to do my job as a manager of this company.”

We support our customers with our experience and comprehensive knowledge in maritime transportation. Sindre MatreCEO
Sindre Matre, CEO of Arriva Shipping AS

Due to the important role of sea freight in global transportation, maritime transport has become an increasingly competitive industry. From an ecological aspect, sea freight is more environmentally-friendly than truck transportation. However, technologies are enabling maritime transportation to become even more sustainable. The digitalization is also an important topic in the industry. In the future, there will be autonomous vessels sailing across the oceans without the need for a crew. “But we will need some time for this to happen,” forecasts Mr. Matre. “Until then, we will support our customers with our experience and comprehensive knowledge in maritime transportation. We provide a very good service and have very transparent processes. That is why our clients have trusted us for more than 50 years.”

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