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New specialists in garden furniture


The company’s portfolio is wide and covers everything from flower pots and panels through to fences, tables and even carports. All products are made from Polish pine. “Polish pine is of excellent quality and price and is widely known,” explains Commercial Director Europe Laurent Bellanger. “The material is almost a brand itself.”

In order to ensure a constant top quality level, Artimber covers the whole production process from buying certified wood in the forests, work at the sawmills and all the steps and stages until the finished product leaves the factory. Of course, mounting and assembly, impregnation and delivery all over Europe are accomplished, too.

Artimber sells to European wholesalers and distributors, who in turn distribute the products to big DIY chains, garden centers and others. All the products are made for export. Artimber is a 100% subsidiary of the Edenside Group, which has a staff of 280 worldwide and plans an annual turnover of around 75 million EUR.

Founded only one and a half years ago, Artimber is still conveying a start-up spirit. Yet the company is already enjoying continuous growth rates. At present, Artimber has 170 people on the payroll in Poland. Most of them are active in production.

The company only recently started to recruit staff for other areas such as administration, production and middle management. “Our investment plan is still in the decision phase in some fields,” explains Mr. Bellanger, who came on board nine months ago. “At present, we are mostly investing in human resources. This is a challenging time for us. It is tiring, requires all our strength and motivation, but at the same time, we are all very enthusiastic. We are determined to establish ourselves in the market as a solid player. Of course, we strongly benefit from the integration into our parent company, the Edenside Group.”

No question, expansion will be the top issue at Artimber in the coming years. The company has ambitious plans. “We are going to focus our marketing activities on certain countries,” says Mr. Bellanger. “We fixed a five-year plan and intend to approximately triple our current turnover. One of the crucial factors in the garden and outdoor market is the weather. However, we cannot influence that. We started from scratch, with an empty building, no employees, and we are proud of what we already are today. But we know that there is so much more potential for us and that we can achieve so much more.”

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