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A matter of trust


“Our core compentence is and always has been investment funds,” says co-founder and Executive Chairman Rainer Thibaut. “We also run one of the leading platforms on money and securing the future. We do about 1,000 lectures on these topics every year.”

An important investment trust in the company’s portfolio is for example Flossbach von Storch which has been a big player in the market for a few years now. “Ten years ago no one even knew the name but now it is a billion EUR fund,” Mr. Thibaut explains.

Also important are insurance partners – ascent combines insurance coverage with the idea of investment – as well as government-funded products such as Riester and Rürup.

“A very broad consultancy is absolutely vital when it comes to these matters,” the Executive Chairman emphasizes. “Monetary values versus tangible assets is still a hot topic these days.”

It is due to this wide consultation field that ascent considers it highly important that all its advisors are experts who dispose of a high level of knowhow.

“We place great emphasis on quality management and all our staff continuously take part in training courses to broaden their knowledge,” says Mr. Thibaut. “We are an independent company and have the freedom to offer a wide portfolio. It is therefore particularly important to keep a constant eye on all aspects of it – in the best interest of our 250,000 signed customers.” These customers consist of a variety of different groups from private individuals to business and VIP investors.

Founded on 5 December 1990, ascent has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Based in Karlsruhe in southwest Germany, ascent has 60 permanent employees, runs about 30 to 40 offices across the country and cooperates with around 1,000 freelance staff members.

With a provision volume of 15 million EUR the company is among the top 10 in its business. Its great success, which is reflected in various nominations and awards, is based on the immense need for education on financial matters, according to Mr. Thibaut.

“There are many unprofessional consultants in the market and people appreciate our informative approach,” he explains. “Our lectures are more anonymous, more passive – we don’t sit in people’s front rooms, so they feel less pressured and more comfortable.”

ascent is also involved in learning partnerships with schools. “Our staff members go into schools and educate the children in a playful way, explaining money flow, for example,” Mr. Thibaut says. “This is very important as it is a strongly neglected topic and many young people are already deeply in debt when they start their working life. This is definitely something that needs to be addressed more and we are happy to help.”

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