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Let there be light


With growing awareness of environmental concerns, as well as a desire for efficiency and quality, customers are turning to long-life lightbulbs as the best choice.

Aura Light’s are the natural choice. Its lightbulbs are produced with the most environmentally friendly methods possible. Because the bulbs are long-lasting and need to be replaced less often, the maintenance time and costs are decreased, which is especially significant for bulbs in hard-to-reach places like high ceilings or tunnels.

Aura Light specifically targets large industrial buildings and public centres like airports and subway stations. Though its headquarters is in Sweden, the demand for lighting solutions is international. Aura Light distributes products to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

The company also has representatives in more than 20 other countries around the world. The Aura Group employs about 200 people to reach this international audience, and 28 of those employees are employees of Aura Light GmbH. Overseeing the employees of Aura Light GmbH is Frank Veldhoven, who has been the managing director since February 2008.

Marketing to large, industrial or public customers can be hard. Aura Light takes advantage of opportunities at trade fairs to reach out to its customers all over the world. Past trade shows where Aura Light has seen great results are Light & Building in Frankfurt, Euroshop in Dusseldorf, Energy Masters in Berlin, Intertraffic in Istanbul, Interlight in Moscow, and Electrotechniek in the Netherlands. The company is continually working to provide a variety of long-lasting solutions for every lighting need.

The most popular product is the florescent T8, though the newer, thinner T5 is becoming a close competitor. Compact florescent lights are also offered, as well as sodium vapour lamps, which give off a yellow light, and metal halogen lamps, which produce a white light.

Special lamps with splinter guards are available for companies in the food service industry. Thermoplastic pipes make the best bulbs to withstand temperature fluctuations. The best lightbulbs for outdoor use are packaged as the official SSC Outdoor System. The company will also begin offering LED bulbs in 2012.

The company continues to innovate and problemsolve. “We put ourselves in the position in nearly every situation to find the best possible design,” says Mr. Veldhoven. The company works to conform to environmental legislation and create its bulbs in the ideal production circumstances. As the company works on its bulb designs, it solves more and more problems for its existing customers.

Currently, long-life Aura Light bulbs are in train stations, streetlights, supermarkets, elevators and even bottle deposit machines. By solving problems in these sectors, Aura Light can create better bulbs for an even larger array of uses.

As it looks forward to the future, the company expects to continue expanding in order to provide high-quality, dependable lighting wherever it is required.

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