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Keeping your cards safe


“We are constantly working on new designs and new product lines in order to keep our offer up-to-date and to meet the latest trends,” explains Anne-Claude Mignot, Marketing & Export Manager. “Thanks to the new technologies, there is a growing trend towards dematerialization, for example contactless payment. In the long run, digitalization will eliminate several cards and documents such as credit cards. Therefore, we are already working on new applications to meet future demands.”

Today, the portfolio of Auxence boasts casings for bank and credit cards, ID documents, driving licenses, cheques, pharmaceutical prescriptions, travel documents, menu cards and others. The company’s product line ‘Color Pop’ is a highlight of the product program, encompassing a wide selection of colourful casings.

At present, imitation crocodile leather is particularly popular. Only recently, Auxence introduced a special men’s line in muted colours. More than just a product, ‘Color Pop’ is a concept, whereby leather goods are positioned in small ‘ready to sell’ display units designed to promote high levels of impulse buying. These can also be combined and presented on a large display stand.

“Another innovation is our anti-RFID product which offers protection against data copying,” says Ms. Mignot. “Today, passports are equipped with microchips. Thieves are able to scan the data stored on these chips with simple systems even across greater distances. Our casings ensure protection against such misuse.”

Nationwide, Auxence supplies banks, pharmacies, car dealers and manufacturers, travel agencies and companies, transport businesses as well as clubs. The products are sold via big supermarket chains, car centers and general stores. The casing specialist regularly presents its latest highlights at trade fairs such as the CTCO or the Trade Expo.

“We offer a huge portfolio, good value for money and we are able to deliver quickly,” Ms. Mignot explains the company’s success. “Thanks to our medium size we are flexible enough to supply smaller series, too. We are positive that our innovative strength will lead us into a successful future.”

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