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Renting without risk


Thanks to the economic advantages of renting, today, there are more and more rental stores and rental equipment available. “Cost saving and operation advantages are the reason why the number of companies that start renting equipment and machinery is steadily increasing,” says CEO Vincent Albasini.

“There are generally lower costs when downtimes, service and maintenance, and other ownership costs are taken into account. Companies don’t need to worry about warehousing and storage costs, and if equipment breaks down, competent technicians fix it immediately. Renting provides our customers with a great flexibility, is absolutely hassle-free, economical and safe. Last but not least, our customers are always equipped with the latest technologies, which significantly increases their productivity.”

When Max Rossi founded the company in 1986, he was a real pioneer in the rental business. His company Multirent was the first Swiss company focusing on the rental of machines. In 2002, the Ammann family acquired the business and changed its name into Avesco Rent SA. From that moment on, Avesco Rent has been a caterpillar licence holder and has grown continuously. In 2002, there were 26 employees. Today, the number of staff has reached 130 people, and turnover has multiplied tenfold to 60 million CHF.

Avesco Rent is still a family run business operating exclusively on the Swiss market. With 18 affiliates it guarantees the proximity to its Swiss customers. Worldwide, there are 1,700 Cat Rental Store affiliates, all dedicated to fulfil the most challenging customer needs.

“In Switzerland, we are the number one of the market,” stresses Mr. Albasini. “Furthermore, we have earned a reputation as a premium provider. At our 18 affiliates, we offer more than 220 different types of machines from huge excavators up to 50 t to small air compressors. There are more than 5,000 units available, which means that we are able to cover the most diverse applications. Last but not least, all equipment is new which is a huge advantage for the customers.”

Avesco Rent mainly rents Caterpillar products such as excavators, diggers, loaders and scrapers but also offers Thwaites, Kaeser, Yale and JLG products. The company particularly focuses on the construction and road building industry. Besides that, the equipment is used for events, in the metal processing industry and at airports.

“Our customers appreciate that we not only provide top-notch machines but complete solutions,” points out Mr. Albasini. “We support our customers, work out the best possible solutions and are by their side 24 h a day. They know that they can count on our competence and reliability. We dispose of the latest material and offer attractive value for money. Because we are part of a group, we benefit from a great logistics system. When material is needed on weekends or at night, this is not a problem at all. We are extremely flexible.”

Due to its philosophy, Avesco Rent has grown significantly over the last years. “Switzerland has not deeply been affected by the economic crisis,” explains Mr. Albasini. “Other European countries have had a lot more difficulties. Our business even benefits from difficult times when companies tend to limit their investments and prefer to rent in order to retain their liquidity. Now, our aim is to further broaden our product palette. Regularly, there are new technologies on the market, and we want to keep up with this dynamic development. Furthermore, we are committed to strengthen our position in special niches and act according to the current company slogan ‘The company to be’.”

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