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Concentration of competence


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When Giovanna Dossena, Claude Breuil and Stefano Filippini founded AVM they knew exactly what they wanted – bringing the power of small and medium-sized companies together and help them to gain foothold in highly competitive markets. This vision has not changed over time.

Today, AVM has 16 employees and annual sales of three to four million EUR and considers itself as an advisor in the private equity market. The company manages funds, specific funds for specific technologies for instance or impact finance funds.

“SMEs often incorporate an enormous potential,” stresses Chairman Giovanna Dossena. “They have great ideas, are creative and competent but struggle to make the most out of it. They often face a wide range of obstacles like how to get financing, complicated administrative processes or high taxes to name a few. We try to bring structure into business processes. Therefore, we create investment funds and bring companies together, companies that perfectly fit together – maybe not at first but at second glance. This way we try to support those companies on their path to sustainable growth – home and abroad.”

Giovanna Dossena, Managing Director of AVM Associati S.p.A.
Small and medium-sized companies are the backbone of a society; they are creative and innovative and incorporate great potential. We try to seize this potential. Giovanna DossenaChairman

AVM has gained an excellent reputation and is often approached by companies looking for support and advice. “We are mainly working for Italian customers,” sums up Ms. Dossena. “But we are keen to broaden horizons and are looking for challenging opportunities in other European countries. We are already active in Germany which is a very attractive market. A profound knowledge of the countries, their culture and their language is crucial to be successful.”

Currently, AVM is regularly in contact with Chinese investors. “It is good to see that more and more people, companies and institutions not only in Italy but internationally start understanding the importance of SMEs,” points out Ms. Dossena. “They are the backbone of a society, account for the greatest part of national industrial production and bring forward the economy of a country. We do our best to seize this unique potential.”

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