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How a clear focus pays off


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While conventional softgels only have one or two additives, Ayanda is able to produce softgels with up to 20 substances. “Complex formulations are our specialty,” says Managing Director Dr. Dominique Baum. “We have a lot of experience in this area and are able to advise our customers regarding possible formulations. We are even able to develop the products for them. That is what differentiates us from other competitors.”

Ayanda has not always been an expert for softgel capsules. The company was established in 1992 and started with the production of paint balls. In 1996 it was licensed to produce softgels for the pharmaceutical market and the food industry.

Since 2016 the company with 200 employees, has been part of the Chinese Sirio group. As part of the internationally active group, the company can cover the formulation, private labelling, custom packaging and distribution support to the global health and pharmaceutical industries. It has its own laboratories and various approvals, both for the pharmaceuticals as well as for dietary supplements in Europe and beyond.

We will focus on innovative solutions, giving new impulses to the market and offering new developments to our clients. Dr. Dominique BaumManaging Director

“With Sirio as a market leading contract manufacturer in the dietary supplements industry, we were able to expand our portfolio regarding the dosage forms,” explains Dr. Baum. “We can offer softgels, gummies, capsules, liquids, tablets and powders from a single provider. Our holding company has its own research and development department with around 200 people, from which our customers also benefit.”

As a contract manufacturer, Ayanda is only active in the B2B market, working for renowned brands and customers in the pharmaceutical industry and the dietary supplements market. In the future, the company wants to become even more diverse in its portfolio, focusing even more on complex formulations in different dosage forms.

Gummies, for example, have become a preferred way to take vitamins or other food supplements, not only for children, but also for adults. “We will focus on innovative solutions, giving new impulses to the market and offering new developments to our clients,” points out Dr. Baum, who has been a member of the Ayanda team for one year. “A comprehensive service from a single source becomes more and more important within the market and our parent company Sirio provides strong support. The market still offers a lot of potential for innovative products and a company that is able to exceed industry standards and expectations. That is exactly what we are.”

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