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From distributor to integrator


BCS Polska is a leading Polish integrator of mobile IT solutions for enterprises. Using wireless communication and automatic data identification technologies, the company supports warehouse management, production, supply chain management, in-store process management and field representative operations in a wide variety of industries.

BCS Polska is a member of the IBCS Group. IBCS is the premier application solutions provider in Central Europe and has offices in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. BCS Polska employs 55 IT specialists at the company’s head office in Nowy Sącz and a branch office in Warsaw. The company manages complete mobile IT projects, from analyzing the customer’s individual requirements to developing and installing a made-to-measure solution through to comprehensive after-sales services. When it was founded in 1999, BCS Polska operated as a mere distributor.

“Distribution only did not provide us with a sustainable competitive advantage,” explains Vice President Lukasz Iwanczewski. “This is why we moved into the application integration market and developed into a value-added integrator.” The decision to enter IT integration helped BCS Polska to get through the economic crisis. “We are back at the level of 2008,” says Mr. Iwanczewski. “For 2014, we expect to grow by 10-15%, more than the market average.”

The recipe for success is that BCS Polska supplies complete solutions that are also unique and perfectly tailored to the clients’ specific needs. “We are very flexible in meeting individual customer demands and adapt every solution to these demands,” Mr. Iwanczewski describes the philosophy of the Polish IT integrator. BCS Polska focuses on three main customer segments: manufacturing, logistics and retailing.

To further grow its market position, the company is putting great emphasis on continuous staff training and development of new solutions for new applications such as electronic labels. “IT is becoming more and more mobile,” states Mr. Iwanczewski. “We will stay committed to following this trend very closely and adapting our solutions to individual customer needs.”

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