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Designs for gentlemen


Siegfried Leithäuser is the holding company for the brand Benvenuto. This brand is greatly inspired by Italian designs and employs top-league Italian weavers to make its one-of-a-kind products. They create the most complicated piece of men’s clothing: the suit.

This Italian influence mixed with German intellect and organizational strategies makes this company very successful in the men’s suit industry. Benvenuto currently has two collections called Black and Purple. Black is geared more towards the business world and includes high-end luxury suits.

Of course, the Black collection has several stylish suits to choose from, but one of its most unique ones is its Grand Traveller suit. This suit is designed specifically for businessmen on the go. It includes a pocket designed for either money or a passport, a pocket for your phone and many other features.

All of the Black suits can be purchased in a variety of designs and colors. Purple is a bit more casual and consists of sharp-looking suits with modern and sporty pieces. In the Purple collection, men can choose from a variety of sports coats, button-downs and pants and combine them to create a stylish look.

Customers can also shop for casual t-shirts and comfortable, yet classy jackets to add to their outfit. Currently, Benvenuto is promoting its special product called the Sneaker Suit. This is a suit made of several materials that make it water-resistant and extremely casual.

In addition, the company recently added accessories to both of its collections, including a variety of belts, scarves and shoes. “In this industry, you have to observe the trends and give customers what they want,” explains Managing Director Justo J. Gallardo. “Right now, we are seeing a big trend in comfort, which is why we created the Sneaker Suit.”

Other popular products that satisfy the demand for comfortable suitwear are the Flex Suit, an elastic suit made out of jersey material, and jogging pants, which can be worn with a very casual shirt.

The company always attempts to be the fastest and most innovative suit provider in the mainstream market, and it succeeds by inventing products such as these. “We also try to think of something new – something the market has not seen yet,” continues Mr. Gallardo.

Benvenuto collections are sold in specialty and franchise stores as well as through its own online shop, although the latter is not as important as the partnerships with individual stores. Its customers are usually looking for high-end and high-quality attire. In fact, the company is on the same tier as luxury designers, such as Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.

Approximately 33% of its products are exported to countries throughout Europe, including the UK, Benelux, Italy, Spain and France. “Our ultimate goal is to increase exports to 55%,” says Mr. Gallardo. “We recently expanded into Spain, and we want to strengthen our numbers particularly in Italy.”

In the near future, people around the world will be able to stay up-to-date with Benvenuto by downloading the company’s app, which is currently being developed. The app will contain tips for today’s trends as well as clothing combinations that fit the user’s style. Additionally, Benvenuto can be spotted at exhibitions, such as the Panorama exhibit in Berlin and others in Florence and Moscow.

The company has many plans for the future. For example, it hopes to gain attention through its new showroom in the Netherlands and wants to build another one in Düsseldorf. The company also wants to universalize its look. It plans on renovating its stores by adding features that reflect its products.

“Our high-end and luxurious look will be represented in all media,” explains Mr. Gallardo. “In shops, in magazines, on the radio and through our distributors. Everyone will clearly understand our style and aim.”

By doing this, a vivid image of Benvenuto and its merchandise will be present in the market. In addition, the company will become a benchmark brand in the countries where it is active. Benvenuto not only strives to satisfy its customers, but also everyone else who contributes to its process.

Procedures were changed at the beginning of this year in order to sastisfy the needs of the company’s traders, which proves that this company has selfless priorities. By focusing on both the end consumer as well as the middlemen, Benvenuto ensures pleasant designing, producing, selling and purchasing experiences for everyone involved.

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