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Building a more sustainable future together


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he three main target groups of the Berdal Group are the construction, ironworking and DIY industries. To better serve each sector, the company has divided its product portfolio into four distinct in-house brands. The first, Gripline, is very well-known across all three of the firm’s target groups for its buckets and tubs. There are many different variations within each category to choose from.

“Differences in weight, handle type, shape and intended use are all things our clients can consider when choosing the product that fits their needs best,” says Eugène van den Broek, Commercial Director. Other than tubs and buckets, this line also includes rubber-based products such as, hammers, door stoppers, closet buffers, knee pads and more.

In addition to its versatility, what makes Gripline even more sought after is its low environmental impact. All mortar tubs are made from 100% recycled, certified materials that have been sourced from plastic household rubbish. The buckets are made from 80% recycled materials and are not at a higher percentage simply due to having a steel handle.

The second in-house brand is Foliefol. Products in this range include things like building film, floor protectors, packaging products, tapes, damming film and others. In addition to being produced with high quality and safety standards in mind, this brand’s products are also very environmentally friendly. The sustainable and flexible construction membrane is made from recyclable polyethylene material. Using this material also means that it can be recycled again since the base product has so many applications.

Brand number three is Pandser, including Pandser Fast Flash – a unique second generation lead replacement line of products. This brand is great for roof, gutter and facade work. Since it is made from EPDM (synthetic roof rubber), it is a more sustainable option than many traditional water and wind proofing methods. “We also provide our customers who are interested in this line with instructional films, demo days, an online product environment and various sales support tools,” explains Mr. van den Broek. The business developed unique point-of-sales presentations that showcase the entire range in a 2 to 3 m wide shop concept.

Eugène van den Broek
"We make over ten million buckets and tubs per year, and aim to double our turnover in the next five years." Eugène van den BroekCommercial Director

However, the Pandser line is not the only category that receives value-added services. Data management is a huge service that is offered to clients who wish to purchase something from any of the brands. “Our clients ask for accurate and flexible data about each product,” states Mr. van den Broek. “By providing that, we support them in how they want to take care of their own business, for example using catalogues or e-commerce platforms.” Furthermore, all information is available in six different languages.

Finally, the fourth in-house line is Premiumfol. This product range consists of Berdal’s brand of EPDM strips and lead replacements for the DIY sector. It features a complete range of products with a long lifespan, which is what clients have come to expect from the company.

Other than creating its products from recycled and certified materials, the Berdal Group plans to take its sustainability mission even further. The company has already been certified by Der Blaue Engel organization, which is the first and most successful accredited environmental label worldwide. “We were also the only plastics company that committed to the ‘Plastics Pact NL’, which has the goal to produce 20% less plastic by 2025, and invest in more recycling initiatives and sustainable practices,” adds Mr. van den Broek. A second goal is to receive ‘cradle-to-cradle’ certification within the next six months as part of Berdal’s efforts to subscribe to the circular economy. This means that products are fully recyclable or produced from recycled materials.

Eugène van den Broek
"We are investing in our export department and hope to remain strong in our current Benelux, DACH and Nordic regions, as well as enter new markets in the UK, France and Spain." Eugène van den BroekCommercial Director

Lastly, the business offers comprehensive logistics services. A smart calculation module has been developed, which helps businesses with various local branches and central warehouses keep track of their Berdal range of products in the best possible way.

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