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Dress for success


Bernhardt Fashion has been a go-to for the fashion-conscious crowd for over 70 years. The company is a reliable, made to measure (MTM) clothing manufacturer that ensures clients’ needs are met with perfectly-fitted patterns and infinite style variations.

“The combination of our high tailoring standards paired with our unique MTM ordering system guarantees the best suits and an unbeatable delivery time,” adds Jindřich Koryčan, Sales Director.

All garments are handled in the firm’s production facility in Prostějov by some of the best-trained tailors in the industry. Dedicated staff in the German and French branches of the business provide 24/7 support to the clientele.

Bernhardt Fashion is also affiliated with the AMF Reece Group, which is the global manufacturer of speciality industrial sewing machines. This partnership guarantees constant innovation and access to the most modern sewing technologies, all while preserving the tradition of a century of tailoring expertise.

Bernhardt Fashion specializes in tailored suits, but also offers jackets, shirts and pants for its gentlemen customers. However, there is also a little something for the ladies. Women can get beautifully-tailored dresses, blouses and shirts from the fashion-forward firm.

When choosing what type of tailoring fits you and your lifestyle, there are four programs to choose from; Made to Measure, Short Series, Corporate Wear, and Ready to Wear.

The first program, MTM, is an incomparable ordering system that considers individual body nuances in every detail in order to ensure a precise fit. The second program, Short Series, contains small minimum order quantities, a range of sizes, patterns, finishes and top quality fabric choices.

“This program combines all the advantages of our MTM program with a quick production time,” says Mr. Koryčan. The third program, Corporate Wear, supplies corporate clothing and uniforms for men and women. Whether you need to dress your reception team, sales team, or you need army uniforms or theater costumes, Bernhardt Fashion will deliver perfectly-fitted work attire in a short amount of time.

The final program, Ready to Wear, is for new products which are sold with limited alterations. This usually includes items like sports jackets and bodywarmers.

This multifaceted approach to providing stunning tailored garments shows in the sales numbers. On a yearly basis, the company puts out around 25,000 MTM suits and does business in 40 countries on five continents.

To reach new clientele and keep existing customers updated, the business publishes its own newsletter, maintains an informative website, is a partner in various special events and stays active on a variety of social media outlets.

Future plans for Bernhardt Fashion include rolling out a new collection of fabrics this year, developing new products such as raincoats with a special membrane and more winter garments, and making the ordering system easier and more accessible to customers. “Basically, we plan on continuing our tradition of excellence while offering more products to our customers,” sums up Mr. Koryčan.

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