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Housing with a high quality of life


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Premium locations, perfect connections and high-quality construction are the main characteristics of BHB’s real estate projects. “We want to build better homes for a better quality of life and living, better service and a better future,” Managing Partner Melanie Hammer outlines the motto of her company. “We see really high demand for the living spaces we create, and we want to make people happy and satisfied with the housing we provide.”

BHB in Bavaria draws on more than 40 years of experience in the building sector. In 1976 the company was founded by Michael Hammer as a property developer. In the 1980s, BHB completed numerous building projects for offices and homes, and became a specialist in building grocery stores.

With Melanie Hammer, the daughter of the company’s founder, along with Christian Winkler, the next generation joined the family business in 2011. BHB expanded further and started focusing on residential housing projects. With the sudden death of Michael Hammer, Melanie Hammer, who had studied architecture and worked in the different divisions of the family business, became Managing Partner.

“The real estate development sector is still a male domain,” says the young and dynamic woman. “But I believe it is time that women take on important roles in this industry. Sometimes we have another point of view on things, and this can really make a difference. I am proud of our company and what we do.”

BHB is currently working on three projects in the greater Munich region which are currently for sale. The project hoamART in Kirchtrudering combines traditional urban development with modern architecture, creating 61 new condominiums and four townhouses in a location that is quietly situated, yet part of Munich and its liveliness and broad range of opportunities.

Within the project ATTELIERS in Grafing, BHB is also developing and building new living space in a perfect location, as the city provides an ideal connection to public transport, but also offers a lot of nature. 46 condos and one townhouse will hopefully become the home of happy and satisfied people.

The most prestigious project that BHB has developed so far is Munich Neuperlach Loge No. 1 and Loge No. 2. These two buildings are part of a completely new district center that is being completed by BHB and other partners such as CONCRETE Capital GmbH.

“This is one of my favourite projects,”states Ms. Hammer. “This district has existed for 50 years, but it took until now to create a center. We have developed a hypermodern culture quad with exceptional architecture.”

Part of the center will be a cultural center, cafés, a park and Perlach Plaza with a hotel and shops as well as rented housing and student apartments. Even an underground atrium and direct access to the metro system are part of the real estate development plan, which the company has created together with CONCRETE Capital GmbH. A total of about 180 condos will be part of the project, the first part of which will be finished by the end of 2019.

The company has four additional projects in the pipeline that are currently in the development phase. In three construction phases, BHB is going to build more than 200 residential units in Haar, a municipality near Munich, which will be integrated into an Art Nouveau environment.

In addition, 30 condos will be built in Riem as well as about 50 units in Freisingen. “We have also acquired two new properties, where about 350 residential units will be developed,” foresees Ms. Hammer. “Competition is fierce, but we are quite successful when it comes to the acquisition of new properties. We have a quick-witted team that can meet the needs of the market and of our customers and partners.”

With a staff of 15 people, BHB achieves annual turnover between 40 and 60 million EUR. The company’s target groups include homeowners who want to benefit from the advantages of living close to Munich without having to pay the exorbitant prices. Generations of heirs invest in the apartments as capital investments and rent them out, and institutional investors also consider the region of Munich to be an attractive asset.

With its modern design and well-thought-out living concepts, BHB Bauträger catches the spirit of the time and meets an increasing demand. The company not only creates living spaces, but also places where people can get together, share culture and have a great time.

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