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Halal and organic


Bibars is a wholesaling business and import/export company distributing halal, fresh and frozen food products. Based in Stains in the northern suburbs of Paris, the company offers a wide selection of raw and processed meat, drinks, sauces, cheeses and desserts.

To guarantee 100% lawful processing and quality, all meat products are certified by A Votre Service (AVS), a French non-profit organization providing halal certification services. Bibars is also very well known as the exclusive importer of Moussy soft drink and the creator of Chikka Tikka marinade.

The company works closely together with producers, abattoirs, meat processing centers, and national and international processors. “I set up my own wholesaling firm as it was rather difficult to get high-quality meat in France that met the rigid quality standards as established by the Halal Food Authority,” saysManaging Director Nabil Djedjik, who also runs several restaurants and fast-food places across France, describing the origins of Bibars. “We started with fresh meat and later added frozen and processed products to our range. There is huge demand for first-rate halal foodstuffs.”

Bibars was named after a sultan and is located in a hall measuring just 500 m². “We are currently building a completely new hall that will more than triple our processing space to 1,600 m²,” states Mr. Djedjik. “The new facility means an investment of three million EUR and is scheduled to be ready to move into in January next year.”

Bibars sells fresh and frozen meat to restaurants. The company makes sure that all animals, as prescribed by halal food processing standards, are purchased alive. “We buy in large quantities in order to spread the extra costs for quality controls over a large number of animals,” explains Mr. Djedjik. Bibars offers poultry and beef and has recently started to distribute mutton too.

The company sources the vast majority of its meat products from quality international suppliers in Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Romania and Spain. In addition to fresh and frozen meat, Bibars offers a growing range of convenience products.

Besides restaurants and fast-food places, the company caters to the French food industry and large supermarket chains, including market-leading suppliers such as Auchan and Metro. “Most supermarkets in France have an assortment of halal products for Muslims,” says Mr. Djedjik. Bibars generates approximately 80% of its revenues in the domestic market and has international customers in Belgium, Germany, the UK and Morocco.

Bibars operates in a very dynamic market, with double-digit annual growth rates in many European countries. “Demand for halal products is very strong,” states Mr. Djedjik. “Even non-practicing Muslims prefer halal food if they have the choice. Today, there is an increasing number of restaurants and Arabic fast-food chains offering halal products.”

To grow its position in the rapidly developing halal food sector further, Bibars is working on an online shop selling halal products to private consumers. At the same time, the company plans to launch its own brand-name range with three halal food brands.

“One of these will be an organic line,” explains Mr. Djedjik. “We will then have two certificates – halal and organic – which is rather unique in the French food sector.” Last but not least, Bibars wants to expand its international activities further. “Before, however, we will have to move to our new building to allow for continued development,” concludes Mr. Djedjik.

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