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Masters of materials processing technology one step ahead


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A clear focus on the future has been characteristic of Biesse Group ever since Giancarlo Selci founded Biesse SpA in 1969. “Biesse has set new standards in the woodworking industry,” says Franco Angelotti, Commercial Director of Intermac. “Intermac was established as a division for glass and stone processing machinery in 1987 and soon became one of the most prestigious brands in this sector.”

Other ambitious decisions, partnerships and investments followed, enabling Biesse to create cutting-edge machinery for the processing of a whole variety of materials including wood, glass, stone, technological materials and metal. The group’s mechatronics division designed the machining tools and high-tech products to match. Soon the names of Biesse and its member and partner companies – Intermac for glass and stone, Diamut for glass and concrete and Donatoni for stone processing machinery – gained an international reputation.

“The way we cooperate in more than 120 markets worldwide via our subsidiaries and networks of representatives and distributors places us amongst the largest players worldwide,” points out Mr. Angelotti. “All our brands excel for their quality. Our aim is to become market leader thanks to the performance of our machinery and the quality of our service.”

Today, the Biesse Group presents itself as a major industrial enterprise with a total of 4,400 employees worldwide and annual sales worth 700 million EUR. Intermac, with its staff of 400, contributes 100 million EUR to this very impressive result, 85 to 90% from sales abroad.

“Europe is our main market, followed by the USA and other technologically advanced markets,” says the company’s Commercial Director. Donatoni Macchine was established in 1959 and has become a leader and benchmark in the manufacture of cutting-edge technologies for the processing of marble and natural stone.

“We are not actually part of the group, yet we have been trading partners and cooperating closely for years,” explains General Director Moreno Ziesa. “Another asset that links us to the Biesse Group is the joint purchase of Montresor, a company producing storage facilities. Not to forget our claim to innovation: we regard our customers as partners in the development of ever-more sophisticated technologies. We wish to remain one step ahead with innovative products.”

Our aim is to become market leaders thanks to the performance of our machinery and the quality of our service. Moreno ZiesaGeneral Director of Donatoni Macchine
Moreno Ziesa, General Director of Donatoni Macchine

The cooperation with various Italian universities supports the company’s endeavours in the fields of information science, planning and logistics, mechatronics and design. “Our aim is the creation of high-tech machines that enable our customers to continuously increase their efficiency,” adds Mr. Ziesa.

In its time, the Biesse Group has filed more than 200 patents that have contributed to the efficiency of wood, glass, stone and plastics processing machines worldwide. The company’s trendsetting achievements include electro-spindles, five-axis heads, bevel gearboxes and drilling units for NC processing centers, to name but a few.

Intermac has enabled Biesse to transfer its leadership in the wood-processing segment to the glass industry. “Our focus is not just on the development and production of machinery, however,” says Mr. Angelotti. “The entire service sector from installation and spares to distribution worldwide is very important to us. We have placed twelve of our own subsidiaries in strategic markets to be close to our customers and provide local support, with technicians speaking the local language.”

Where software is concerned, the bSuite software package enables operators without specific IT skills to run Biesse machine systems, while the SOPHIA IoT platform enables customers to access an extensive range of services to streamline their work processes.

“Our production, planning and management software is called D.Mes,” comments Donatoni’s General Director. “It permits the remote control of all our customers’ machines and the manufacturing progress itself.”

Both Intermac and Donatoni are in compliance with Industry 4.0 as far as their machines and their connection via SOPHIA are concerned. Likewise, the companies attach great value to consultation and customer training, as their systems operate at a high technological level. Training takes place either on site or at the company’s facilities – at Donatoni’s own academy in Sant’ Ambrogio di Valpolicella or the Intermac center in Pesaro.

Moreno Ziesa, General Director of Donatoni Macchine
We regard our customers as partners in the development of ever-more sophisticated technologies. Moreno ZiesaGeneral Director of Donatoni Macchine

“We have a showroom with all our machines so that customers can review and touch them,” points out Mr. Angelotti. “As that is the best way to learn, we have set up similar showrooms at all our main locations.” By similar initiatives, Biesse, its members and partners arrange ‘Open House’ events and take part in major international trade fairs such as the Maromac in Verona, the Vitrum in Milan and others. At the recent Maromac, Donatoni was able to launch its most recent innovation, the KSD1 double-head processing center for the construction of high-rise buildings.

“We introduced the new ROS robotically controlled CNC loading and unloading system,” adds Mr. Angelotti. “Designed to automate machine processing, the system underlines both Intermac’s and Biesse Group’s determination to develop flexible solutions to customers’ needs as product solutions are becoming more personalized. Our machine systems represent the future.”

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