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Optimum conditions for quality and safety


BINDER is the world’s leading specialist in environmental simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratory applications. “We specialize in the simulation of biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions in climate chambers and incubators,” explains Peter Wimmer, Vice President Marketing & Service.

The BINDER product range comprises CO2 incubators, cooling incubators, growth chambers, ultralow temperature freezers, drying and heating chambers, safety drying chambers, vacuum drying chambers, constant climate and dynamic climate chambers as well as a broad choice of accessories such as controls, regulators or software.

All products are 100% Made in Germany and manufactured at the company’s modern production facility in Tuttlingen in Baden-Württemberg. BINDER incubators and climate chambers are used in a wide variety of sectors, including chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical groups, the automotive, electronics and food industries, laboratories, universities and research institutes and many more.

The independent, family-owned company was established in 1983 by Peter M. Binder, a pioneer in hot air sterilization technology. “Mr. Binder’s father already had his own business which was making sterilization devices,” Mr. Wimmer describes the beginnings of the successful company. “Peter Binder realized that growing price competition in the market would become a problem and started developing added-value products that required more sophisticated engineering and enabled him to  charge a price premium.”

In the following years, BINDER grew mainly through innovation: the company introduced, for instance, a new air supply solution that revolutionized the entire industry. At the same time, the product range was constantly expanded to meet new applications and develop new markets.

BINDER employs 400 people, including 350 in Germany, turns over 63 million EUR and has subsidiaries in the USA, Russia, China, and local sales staff in the UK, France, Switzerland, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Singapore and India.

The company manufactures 22,000 incubators and climate chambers per year, 80% of which are exported to customers across the globe. BINDER products are known worldwide for their excellent quality and reliability.

“Some tests, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, can take as long as six years,” says Mr. Wimmer. “This is why our chambers that are used in these tests have to be extremely reliable. Thanks to serial production, we are able to provide first-rate quality for a wide range of customer applications. If required, we can also deliver 100% individually customized solutions.”

The great majority of BINDER incubators and climate chambers are distributed through a close-knit, global network of sales representatives. The company is operating in a highly competitive market with both multinational corporations and local suppliers.

“We have different competitors, depending on the product segment,” explains Mr. Wimmer. “There is no other company, however, that offers the same quality and product breadth as we do.”

In addition to offering unrivalled quality and reliability, BINDER distinguishes from the competition through its constant technological innovation and introduction of value-added product novelties. For instance, in a worldwide first, BINDER introduced CO2 incubators with 180°C sterilization to the market years ago.

“Germs are 100% removed so that there is no risk of the next test object being contaminated,” Mr. Wimmer describes the significant advantage. To meet growing worldwide demand for its products, BINDER is constructing a new competence factory that will be put into operation in summer.

“It is the largest investment since the foundation of the company over 30 years ago,” states Mr. Wimmer. “The expansion reflects our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with optimum environmental simulation solutions following our corporate slogan: ‘Best conditions for your success’.”

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