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Balancing pH for health


Many of today’s lifestyle-related illnesses arise when the body’s pH balance is out of kilter. Biosana has long had the answer to pH imbalances in the form of its longrunning product Nimbasit®. The combination of calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron and manganese base salts helps counteract the acidity caused by modern diets that are too low in the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

“We recommend Nimbasit be taken daily as a dietary supplement to ensure that the recommended intake of minerals is covered,” says Administration Director Talitha Federle whose father founded Biosana in 1970. “My father was involved in cancer research for many years and tested this product on cancer patients.”

Other products followed in the areas of nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics and whey-based dietary supplements. Today, the product range encompasses over 100 different products.

“In the beginning, we were pioneers but now there is greater awareness of the importance of controlling excessive acidity in the body and the benefits this can have on general wellbeing and health,” says Ms. Federle. “In 2008, we launched Equi-Base®, a line of natural hair and skincare products that apply the same principles to the largest organ in the body.”

Although the thinking behind Biosana’s products is widely imitated, its philosophy remains unique. “My father’s years spent in research gave him a profound insight into this particular field,” says Ms. Federle. “We have developed our own philosophy and would never sell a product that did not achieve the effect we claim for it. When customers tell us that our products have made a real difference for them, that is what encourages us in our work.”

A strong sense of responsibility to the environment and employees also drives Biosana, which generates 30% of its turnover in export markets. “Our goal for the future is to bring our products to an even wider audience,” says Ms. Federle. “China and Russia are among our targets for the coming years.”

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