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Founded in 1957, Bizzotto Giovanni Automation initially produced machinery for the manufacture of wooden brush, paint brush handles and similar items, which was later extended to incorporate additional automation as well as for the production of wooden broom handles.

More recently, machinery for producing metal handles was developed, followed by automated lines for the manufacture of the entire product – mops, brooms and floor cleaners. The latest milestone in the company’s development is the addition of packaging applications – boxing and palletizing. 

“We design and manufacture machines that operate completely autonomously. Our packaging lines also include control systems which allow separating non-compliant items at the end of the line,” says Giovanni Bizzotto. “All of our lines are tailor made in accordance with customer specifications. But our work does not end once the machine has been installed at the client’s premises. There are always new technologies being developed that can further improve their performance. We have always specialized in the production of equipment for the assembly of household products. Nevertheless, we love challenges, and we have the  capability to produce machinery which automates the assembly of virtually any product.”

Giovanni Bizzotto
All of our lines are custom-designed in accordance with customer specifications. Giovanni Bizzotto

Around 90% of turnover is generated in export markets, with 70% of that figure coming from the company’s North American activities, where it works together with a number of different companies. With just 35 employees, Bizzotto Giovanni Automation remains a small player in a highly specialized niche. “It can take up to six months to complete one of our lines,” says Mr. Bizzotto. “We produce around ten lines each year, and are currently working on Industry 4.0.” The Italian company does not have a separate R&D department because its day-to-day work is innovation. “Every line is unique and must overcome specific challenges,” notes Mr. Bizzotto. “If there is a challenge we have not yet come across, then we must innovate a solution.” Growth is the goal for the future. “We have doubled in size since 2000 with much of that growth coming recently,” says Mr. Bizzotto. “We are keen to build on that growth and our main strength of product personalization.”

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