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Lighting the future


BJB is clearly a name well known in the international lighting industry, as the private company has become the world leader in lamp holder systems, terminal blocks and switches. In addition, BJB has also attained a superior position in supplying lighting solutions for domestic appliances, including ovens, microwaves and refrigerators.

Today, it employs a workforce of 740 people, generating a turnover of 100 million EUR. “When you open your oven at home, there is a 90% chance that the lighting components come from us,” points out Mr. Klein. “In this niche segment, we are by far the world leader. And I predict that even the emergence of LED will not change this situation. LED lighting loves cold environments, so to speak, which means that conventional lighting is still the best solution for domestic appliances.”

However, LED lighting has already brought about great changes in manufacturing modern lighting, and this trend will continue. “The rapid pace of technological change that we are observing right now is truly amazing. LED is the new buzzword, but we are well prepared to tackle innovation,” adds Mr. Klein.

BJB has been at the forefront in lighting technology in Germany since its humble beginnings under the name Brökelmann, Jäger und Busse in 1867. Since those days, BJB has remained a private company with a management and staff members who have a close eye on innovation and technical development.

“Over the years, we have produced everything from oil lamps to lamp holder systems, terminal blocks, connectors and switches, with the latter product groups still being our key focus,” says Mr. Klein. “About 85% of our production is located at our Arnsberg headquarters, even though we have become a global company, generating about 80% of our turnover in international markets. The US market is a good example of our ability to persevere even in regions where we used to be an absolute nobody. Today, we are the US market leader in both segments – lighting and domestic appliance.”

While the focus of BJB’s production is still on classical lighting solutions, LED has already taken over 10% of the company’s sales volume. “Energy efficiency and durability are the two main factors to fuel the unstoppable rise of LED technology, and large players like Osram and Philips have been investing enormous sums into developing this technology,” stresses Mr. Klein.

As an innovative and technology-driven company with well-skilled staff and many years of experience in the market, BJB is currently striving to maintain its leading market position globally.

“LED will remain an issue not only for our R&D team and our production division but for the entire company, even affecting marketing and sales divisions,” says Mr. Klein. BJB is more than optimistic that it will master the transition into the LED world.

The company managed to succeed in the electrical market at the beginning of the 20th century, so there is no doubt about its innovative power today. ‘From oil lamp to light-emitting diodes’– this best describes the company’s development from the past to the future.

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