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European gateway to international success


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“The international business environment is incredibly challenging,” explains Managing Director Gejo Kamp. “On an international scale, volumes of reporting requirements and legal standards are continually increasing. While this could be considered a threat, we see it as an opportunity. Investment funds need to be accountable for their investment decisions and governance and a good legal system is crucial, as is a stable political environment. The Netherlands is extremely stable, even by EU standards, so companies come here when they want to expand or raise international capital investments. The country is a gateway to Europe for many of our clients.”

The BK Group is divided into five core business lines. Corporate Services manages and maintains corporate governance and administration of legal entities, for which it can also provide a domicile address. Fund Services offers outsourced investment fund management and administration to private equity firms, while Real Estate Investment Services offers similar services to property investment firms.

Local SME businesses and international companies operating in the Netherlands can take advantage of the BK Group's Accounting, Pay-Roll and Tax Compliance Services for a range of financial- administrative services, and the Compliance Risk Management division offers risk and compliance tools such as database screening and investigative due diligence reporting, created by specialists in the field.

Founded in 2013 by the merger of three corporate service providers, the BK Group is headquartered in Amsterdam. Further acquisitions enabled the group to establish international offices in Curacao and Luxembourg, and the firm also acquired two additional consultancies in the Netherlands. Mr. Kamp sees the mergers as the key to the BK Group's success.

Gejo Kamp, Managing Director of BK Group Netherlands B.V.
I have learnt to focus on managing the company, and get employees fully engaged in serving the clients. Gejo KampManaging Director

“There was a wealth of expertise across the individual firms – tax and corporate law, banking, accounting, real estate and private equity fund management, as well as compliance risk tools –whom all came together as a one-stop-shop service provider,” he says. “The BK name was already in existence prior to 2013, so we already had a strong network and client base who knew and trusted us.” Those clients include not only international and Dutch corporates, but also high net worth individuals wishing to structure and protect their investments and assets.

Mr. Kamp has extensive experience in the financial services industry; he worked in international tax advisory, business administration, accountancy and banking, before joining the BK Group. “International corporate services is something you either love or hate and if you love it, it's impossible to escape,” he admits. “For me, the international contact is fascinating and the involvement in the diverse business activities of our clients is incredibly exciting. We work with both larger and smaller enterprises, which makes it extremely interesting to work at BK Group because there is a great diversity in our client-portfolio as well as the products, investments, services and business operations of our clients.”

In recent years, the financial service industry and international businesses in general, have suffered reputational damages. Mr. Kamp understands the fact that there is a lot of frustration in public society. The fact that new regulations and laws are introduced are important steps to bring more stability and equality in this complex world. International businesses are an important factor in connecting people, cultures and societies all over the world, spreading knowledge, wealth and prosperity, if managed and structured in the right way. BK Group wishes to play a role in this process for its clients. If BK Group encounters a client or prospect that does not live up to our Corporate Social Responsibility policies which include the element of fair taxation, Mr. Kamp says, we will not start our service relationship. We see that this is in general the approach of the Corporate Service Industry in the Netherlands these days.