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Harnessing the power of the wind


“BKW has been active in Germany since 2001,” says Martina Dabo, Managing Director of the German branch. “Embarking on the strategy of expanding its wind energy activities, the Swiss group acquired and built wind farms across northern Germany. Today, we own and operate a total of ten wind farms in Germany, and we hold a stake in a thermal power plant, as we need an additional energy source to compensate for the fluctuations in wind power.”

Ms. Dabo joined BKW Wind Service in 2015, having been active in wind power for more than 15 years. “In addition to heading the German branch, I manage all BKW wind assets in Germany, France, Italy, Norway and Switzerland. At present I am helping to develop a strategy for Europe-wide acquisitions of wind farms, and I am responsible for implementing the strategy.”

Backed by the BKW Group with a staff of 4,000 and a turnover of 2,844.9 million CHF, the German branch is going to further expand both wind farms and services.

“Wind energy is a growth market and will continue to grow,” states Ms. Dabo. “The Swiss BKW Group has an ambitious investment strategy: One billion CHF will be invested in new power plants, one billion CHF in new services and another two billion CHF in the preservation of values.”

Being a provider of complete sustainable energy solutions is BKW’s target. In addition to production and supply, this includes the infrastruture, digital services such as smart homes and the BKW expertise as a service over the whole value chain. In Switzerland and Italy, BKW has realized some of these targets in pilot plants.”

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