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...And the kitchen sink


The highly innovative Blanco Kitchen Technology took its expertise in sinks and taps, adapted its product range to the French market and set up Blanco France to supply the country with the kitchen fixtures it needed.

“For instance, we have a dual sink plus drain for an 80 cm cabinet base, which is common in France,” says Frédéric Thomas, Managing Director of Blanco France. “We also offer a sink for new builds to comply with the law that every home has to come with a sink, even if the new tenant brings his own complete kitchen. It lets us respond to the needs of real estate developers.”

Blanco’s unique expertise lies in the materials stainless steel, SILGRANIT® and porcelain. It is the only manufacturer with five certificates for its composite material: for food safety, hygiene, quality, ease of cleaning and stain resistance.

The company’s taps are certified by external institutions, such as the German association for gas and water DVGW and the French organization for standardization AFNOR, which is a requirement for sale on the French market.

“The taps are developed by the parent company in Germany, but they are produced by a supplier according to a specification book,” Mr. Thomas says. “And of course Blanco keeps a close eye on quality.”

The company’s colourful array of taps coordinates with the rainbow of materials of its sinks. Blanco rounds off its portfolio with excellent service including quick delivery, as well as high quality and good value for money.

“Blanco is an international benchmark,” the Managing Director highlights. “Our slogan is ‘Quality makes the difference,’ and in France, good value for money is all-important.”

Blanco France supplies kitchen stores, kitchen manufacturers and wholesalers of electronic and household appliances and plumbing, all of whom ultimately serve private customers. It is the counterpart to Blanco Professional. Worldwide, Blanco employs 1,250 people and generated turnover of 314 million EUR in 2014, an amount that has been increasing in recent years.

The company’s site in Istanbul produces its porcelain, and Sinsheim is responsible for the trademarked SILGRANIT®. Blanco France was founded near Paris in 1975 and has been in Marly since 2014. Its staff of 20 includes eight salespeople throughout the country.

“We have a very customer and service-oriented team here in France that is in line with the values of our brand and our company,” Mr. Thomas notes. Blanco France will continue to make the brand a well-respected name on the French market and even improve its recognition.

“Blanco needs to be seen as a highly competent supplier of kitchen taps,” Mr. Thomas says. “It is the number one in Germany in kitchen taps, ranking far ahead of other suppliers.”

The French subsidiary will use the SADECC trade fair in Lyon as a means to this end, and it aims to improve its added value and customer orientation even further. “It is our top priority to increase our French customers’ margin on their kitchens through the integration of our products,” says Mr. Thomas in conclusion.

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