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Inspired by nature


“Our hotel interior is totally different,” says Director Hans de Vries. “Nature, color and lots of art create an atmosphere where guests immediately feel good.”

Furthermore, blooming hotel offers nature inside and out. With beds next to floor-to-ceiling windows, guests feel like they are sleeping in the open while having all the comfort of a hotel room. Moreover, the fabrics and the furniture, including mattresses and bed covers, are made from natural materials.

“All in all we have 128 rooms for one to six occupants,” explains Mr. de Vries, “We offer rooms for families, couples and singles, for leisure and business guests and we cater for all individual needs. For example, we have extra-long and extra wide beds. We also have rooms for meetings and conferences, two restaurants, a bar and an indoor swimming pool.”

Currently, there are three locations: the hotel, a beach house for beach activities, meetings, conferences or dining, and the country estate Het Hof, a luxurious meeting place focusing on private guests.

Het Hof has a big garden where the vegetables served in the hotel are grown. “Our guests are generally between 30 and 45 years of age, 50% leisure guests and 50% business guests from all over the world,” states Mr. de Vries, who is proud of the fact that 50% are regular guests.

“Our guests know the world, they are willing to pay a little bit extra but they also expect a little bit more and we offer just that, a special experience. We want to inspire our guests by our genuine interest and our effort to do the utmost for them. We are planning to further enhance the natural sensory experience by installing indoor trees, a wellness centre and a new beach house. We also plan to add a wing with 30 large rooms and a new Het Hof hotel with self-catering rooms and we will offer electric vehicles as a green way of commuting between the locations.”

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