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Reducing the housing shortage


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Böblinger Baugesellschaft (BBG) is a subsidiary of the cities of Böblingen and Schönaich. Founded in 1968, the company has about 2,900 apartments for rent. In addition, BBG constructs and sells modern, energy-efficient condominiums and townhouses and is thus contributing to urban development in the region.

“In the past, we also invested in commercial and smaller residential properties,” explains Managing Director Rainer Ganske, an experienced real estate expert who joined BBG last year, thus returning to his home town. “Today, we are concentrating on large urban development projects, such as the City Center shopping mall, a 120-million-Euro investment which includes pulling down the building and replacing it with apartments, offices and shops.”

The latest property project by BBG is an exclusive waterfront development at the lakeside promenade near Böblingen/Sindelfingen Airport ideally combining living, leisure and work. “The project comprises 180 apartments and 8,000 m² of office space and restaurants,” Mr. Ganske describes the major development scheme.

While investing in unique residential development projects, BBG remains committed to social housing. “As a public utility housing enterprise, we are focused on creating affordable housing space,” states Mr. Ganske. “Our goal is to substantially grow our portfolio of rented apartments and low-cost housing and thus contribute to solving the acute housing shortage.”

A second focus of BBG is on reinvesting profits. “We use the proceeds from successful development projects to increase our housing stock,” says Mr. Ganske. “At present, we have 153 residential units under construction and another 1,226 in the pipeline.”