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Holding industry together


As one of twelve production sites of the Böllhoff Group worldwide, Böllhoff, s.r.o. is among the leaders in the sale, assembly and logistics of fasteners and profiles for sheet metals. The product range encompasses connecting elements in three groups.

The first group comprises standard parts, such as screws, nuts, washers and rivets manufactured according to global norms. “Our second group consists of our own products, like special rivets, rivet nuts and HELICOIL ® thread inserts, sold especially to the automotive industry,” says Veronika Roesslerova, Sales Manager of Böllhoff, s.r.o. “We develop them in cooperation with our customers.”

The third group includes complete assembly systems with the tools for customers to fasten different elements made of sheet metal, such as body or trunk units.

“The fasteners themselves are not especially expensive, but we need to deliver them just in time,” Ms. Roesslerova points out. “Our main focus with this group is therefore logistics.”

Böllhoff continues to develop its logistics services, providing the entire chain of services, such as delivering full boxes to customers and collecting the empty ones. In this field, the company offers ECOSIT®, its own brand for ECOnomic Supply In Time.

Nearly 50 customers are already benefiting from this customized system. “We have recently added RFID technology to the system,” the Sales Manager says. Material planning, sourcing and quality checks are also part of the mix.

In addition, Böllhoff offers Kanban systems for maintaining low stocks while improving delivery performance. Everything the company offers is accompanied by comprehensive technical consultation to ensure customers receive precisely what they need.

The Czech branch of the Böllhoff Group serves nearly 700 customers in the automotive and automotive supplier, agriculture, household technology, aviation and medical technology industries. The majority of its customers are in the same domestic market, but the company also serves customers throughout Europe in cooperation with other subsidiaries of the group. “In this regard, Germany, Austria and France are very important countries for us,” Ms. Roesslerova says.

Last year, Böllhoff’s 46 employees in the Czech Republic generated turnover of 10.5 million EUR. The Czech market is developing well, and 2016 promises to be another record-breaking year in terms of sales. Celebrating its 25th anniversary will draw more interest and attention to the company’s brands.

“We have a few fairs and customer events planned in conjunction with the celebrations,” Ms. Roesslerova reveals. Böllhoff aims to become an all-round service provider that goes beyond selling products.

“We strive to support our customers with technology and logistics services,” says Petr Cížek, Managing Director of Böllhoff, s.r.o. “We already manufacture high-quality elements and systems, as well as offering a number of services. We want to expand our role as our customers’ partner.”

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