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The efficiency alternative


A family business in the best sense of the term, Bognár és Társa Kft. has been involved in metal processing since 1981. Miklós Bognár Sr. succeeded in building up a growing number of partners in Western Europe as a result of being fully committed and prepared.

“In 2003 we were able to inaugurate our new 10,000 m² plant on an area of nearly 30,000 m²,” says Miklós Bognár Jr., Deputy Managing Director. “Continuous growth has brought our workforce up to nearly 100 and our annual turnover to eight million EUR.”

Exports reach Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Scandinavian countries today – sure proof of the company’s command of sophisticated manufacturing processes in high and reliable quality.

Bognár és Társa Kft. offers an extremely wide and varied range of products, for example car transport trailers, railway equipment, storage and workshop equipment, containers, stairs, industrial and agricultural machine parts, and hydraulic piping.

Continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology and development is a decisive factor of success where Bognár és Társa Kft. is concerned. The company’s facilities include CNC-controlled laser machines, tube bending machines, pressing machines, press brakes, stamping machines, turning and milling machines, and state-of-the art welding robots.

Its capabilities allow for the processing of sheet metal plates up to 4,000 by 2,000 mm, the bending of items up to a length of 4.5 m, and the bending of tubes and profiles up to 60 mm. Needless to say, the expertise of its highly skilled and qualified employees contributes to the high production standards.

As a result Bognár és Társa Kft. is able to produce complex parts based on customers’ drawings and offer fully assembled prototypes and components. “We have always been prepared to keep up with technological progress and will continue to do so,” emphasizes Mr. Bognár. “My father brought my brother Péter and me up with the idea that production is an ongoing process and requires constant and immediate attention to customers’ wishes. He also taught us that reliable, longstanding business relations secure our continuity in the future, and we abide by this guideline with the greatest respect.”

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