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Bikes for a bohemian sense of freedom


BOHEMIA BIKE produces a range of manual and electric bikes for cyclists of all ages, including children. The company’s cross bikes and city bikes are known for being quality equipment that is affordable and well designed.

“The connection between design, quality and price is important,” says Pavel Müller, Owner of BOHEMIA BIKE. “Our sales grew last year, and we see positive development this year, as well. We have a bike for everybody.”

The company produces the brand Leader Fox, which was founded by Mr. Müller in 1996. The establishment of the brand put the company on the bike-producing map. Under Leader Fox, BOHEMIA BIKE designs and manufactures mountain, cross and trekking bikes, as well as Bobby cars, tricycles for adults – a growing market, especially as the population of Europe ages – and electric bikes, which are also increasing in popularity.

In terms of children’s bikes, Leader Fox is one of the most popular brands not only in the Czech Republic but throughout Europe. “We design, produce and assemble the bikes in the workshop of our new production site in České Budějovice,” Mr. Müller adds. “When we opened the production facility, we also opened a new Leader Fox store to replace the old shop in the city center.”

The acquisition of a painting line in 2013 allowed BOHEMIA BIKE to take on painting itself and have greater control over the entire production process. Another new production hall is being built and is scheduled for completion this fall.

“Average annual production for the last few years was almost 50,000 bicycles,” Mr. Müller continues. “The production capacity of our company, however, may be up to 100,000 bicycles annually.”

Leader Fox bikes are sold in Slovakia, Germany and Poland as the primary foreign markets in addition to the Baltic States, the Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and others. They are a major seller on the domestic market as well.

“We sell tens of thousands of bikes in our stores, and we also have a webshop,” the Owner says. “Facebook and Twitter have proven useful for connecting with customers.” E-commerce and social media are effective channels in the company’s B2C business, but BOHEMIA BIKE also has a B2B segment, where it serves mostly bicycle shops and wholesalers. The company presents new models at its factory, and it invites wholesalers to view them.

“I think that price is a very important argument for our bikes,” Mr. Müller says. “We have to look at the bikes from our customers’ and wholesalers’ points of view. Wholesalers have a good margin, and consumers get good value for money. The price – combined with the brand name and our history – makes for a highly attractive package.”

BOHEMIA BIKE employs a staff of 65 and turns over about eleven million EUR a year. “This year has been good so far – even better than last year,” the Owner says. “We’ve already exceeded last year’s sales, and there are still a few months left in the year. We’ve been very pleased with our development in 2016.”

The company has objectives for the next five years, including the intention to maintain its current position in the market and focus on quality. “We see no need to take unnecessary risks,” Mr. Müller says. “We want to grow slowly and steadily. Big jumps leave you open to mistakes, and we’d like to avoid them.”

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