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Making the cut


BOMAR is a specialist in the design, manufacture and sale of manual, semi-automatic and full-automated metal bandsaws and sawing centers. The company offers an extensive range of band saws designed to meet every possible cutting requirement.

“We started in 1993 with just six employees and a single bandsaw model,” says Managing Director Friedrich Pichlmann, whose father founded the company in 1993. Despite this modest start, the company expanded quickly and now boasts a comprehensive range of products and significant success in international markets.

BOMAR chose the right time to start up its business in the Czech Republic as costs in the early 1990s were relatively low and opportunities were there for the taking. Strong demand for cost-effective, high-quality bandsaws has been the key growth driver, and BOMAR has excelled at meeting this demand.

Bandsaws are one of the principal tools used in metalworking and a must-have piece of equipment in any workshop. They are also used in larger manufacturing plants where there is an equally urgent need for higher capacity automated cutting centers.

BOMAR’s range starts with its smallest hand-operated horizontal bandsaw, the Pulldown. The machine is a table-top solution that offers cutting at 90° as well as miter cutting continuously up to 30°. For larger workpieces, the Practix provides the necessary capacity with an automatic cut-off when the cut is finished.

The Ergonomic line of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic bandsaws for metal boasts a 1,500 mm feed length combined with the highest feed speed for unrivalled productivity and flexibility. Budget buyers can opt for the Workline range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic bandsaws for metal.

Simple to operate yet accurate and efficient, they offer a particularly cost-effective solution. For customers looking for a compact machine, the Individual series makes relatively low demands on space but is able to saw up to 6,500 mm using multiple stroke lengths.

Where flexibility is a priority, the Extend series of semi-automatic and fully automatic machines offers a modular design that can be customized as required. BOMAR’s only vertical bandsaw is the SV 330 DGH vertical, hydraulic, semi-automatic, double angle bandsaw for both-sided angular cuts up to 60°. It is designed for development workshops and prototype construction. It is ideally suited to the clamping and cutting of parts with complicated geometries thanks to its big feeding table equipped with T-shaped grooves.

Where strength is needed, the Solid range of heavy-duty bandsaws provides high-performance machining of difficult-to-machine materials. BOMAR’s extensive range of bandsaws is complemented by deburring machines and handling systems. All can be combined to produce a complete cutting production line.

“With our wide choice of individual machines, there are very few needs we cannot meet from our standard range,” says Mr. Pichlmann, who has been with the company for 17 years, nine of them in his current position. “Where this is not the case, we can usually adapt one of our standard machines as required. We are able to influence the handling of the workpieces directly. This is an area where quite a lot of time can be lost. Through customization, we can adapt even the smallest component exactly to the client’s needs.”

BOMAR manufactures entirely in-house and can customize to a level that competitors cannot match. BOMAR’s success has been built on its ability to offer European quality standards at a very competitive price.

Today it is part of a group that also includes ExactCut, a company specializing in high-performance circular saws, and CTM Austria, which specializes in drilling machines. Through the group, BOMAR is able to offer its customers a comprehensive product range and outstanding service.

Exports account for 85% of the company’s 20 million EUR annual turnover. Key markets are Northern Europe, Russia and Central Europe. Germany is still in development but has performed well in the last two years.

“We compare favourably with our European competitors on price while offering a comparable level of quality,” says Mr. Pichlmann. “As in many other branches of industry, we have to defend our market share against low-cost competition from Asia.”

As a family-owned company, BOMAR benefits from flat hierarchies and rapid decision-making. In the future it will continue with its strategy of investing in the company and its employees to assure its continued success.

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