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From small shop to factory


In Lyon, BRICE ROBERT ARTHUR LOYD Rhône-Alpes has long been a household name when it comes to real estate brokerage for commercial and industrial property.

“An old factory site is a good example to demonstrate our full scope of services,” says Brice Robert, Managing Director and Founder of BRICE ROBERT ARTHUR LOYD Rhône-Alpes. “We are able to provide a proper evaluation, estimate the costs for soil remediation, talk to the municipal administration and calculate the total costs for the entire project. Ultimately, the customer wants to know if an investment in such a large-scale project will really pay off.”

Based on many years in the market, Mr. Robert knows what he is talking about. Since 1980 he has been operating his own real estate agency in Lyon. Likewise, the estate agent expanded his activities to other French cities, and by 1992, BRICE ROBERT ARTHUR LOYD Rhône-Alpes’ network consisted of 24 agencies in France and in Belgium. That year, the agency group merged with Arthur Loyd.

“By 1998, we had 16 offices in France, and I became one of the main partners of Arthur Loyd,” says Mr. Robert. “Today, there are 63 Arthur Loyd representatives in France, all operated by licensees. I still operate my own estate agency here in Lyon, which has a 30% share in the local real estate market.”

In Lyon alone, BRICE ROBERT ARTHUR LOYD Rhône-Alpes carries out about 280 to 300 transactions per year. The estate agency is specialized in commercial and industrial properties, ranging from 50 m² to 10,000 m² and from small shop to large industrial building. Depending on the customer’s requirements, BRICE ROBERT ARTHUR LOYD Rhône-Alpes sets off to choose the best property.

“We have a broad offering and make use of the professional tool CECIM Obs to monitor and evaluate the market for commercial property in Lyon,” explains Mr. Robert. In the rather volatile property market from 1990 to 2000, this instrument helped to calm down strong fluctuations, and a constant analysis of the situation has resulted in a more balanced market.

One factor for success is the large agency network, by far the largest in the whole of France. “All agencies, no matter the size, benefit from one another and use the synergies to their benefit,” points out Mr. Robert. “We are working hard to secure our succession by motivating up-and-coming talents and creating new growth potential.”

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